17. May 2012  
Heilbronn, Stuttgart  
Happy Gymnastics

EGF invites: Landesturnfest 2012 in Swabia, Germany opened ...


The Landesturnfest HEILBRONN 2012 continues a long gymnastics tradition. Already in 1846, 35 gymnastics communities from 32 towns met to celebrate the second Landesturnfest in the town on the Neckar River.
This marked the beginning of Heilbronn's reputation as a gymnastics city. Gymnastics and the gymnastics movement run like a golden thread through the history of Heilbronn. In 2012, thousands of gymnasts sre visiting the so-called "Käthchenstadt" again, which will make Heilbronn the Turnfest record holder. In addition, the Landesturnfest will also celebrate two very special anniversaries: In 2012, the Turngau Heilbronn celebrates it 150th and the state Baden-Wuerttemberg its 60th anniversary.

Opening Show, Thursday evening, May 17 in Heilbronn
(c) GYMmedia correspondent Achim SCHAEFER

Show girls at the stage on Kiliansplatz in Heilbronn