16. July 2011  
Lausanne, Switzerland  
Happy Gymnastics

Friday - Weltgymnaestrada - Day 6 The EGF Idea sparks Interest at the Gymnaestrada in Lausanne ...

Jesus Telo, the chief-organizer of the Spanish BLUME-Gran Canaria festival, was overwhelmed by the general interest: "I believe, a lot of European and global festival organizers are infected now from our idea of an international cooperation. That's what the new association of "European GYM Festivals" (EGF) - which we founded last year -  wants!"- so the Spaniard said to the EGF press conference, which was held at the World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne.
The  E G F  was started by the Swabian "GymFestival" organizers", the Italian "Festival del Sole" and "Blume Gran Canaria Festival".
"We disposed here more than 15,000 flyers and arranged a special press conference, to promote our EGF idea, and we attracted worldwide attention, because a better communication is very important for a global understanding in a modern world!

EGF-PRESS CONFERENCE at the World Gymnaestrada 2011
The three Charter Members of the 'European GYM Fesivals', from left to right: Robert BAUR (GymFestival Stuttgart), Lene ELNIFF (Festival del Sole, Riccione, Italy) und Jesus TELO (Blume-Gran Canaria)

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* On the website >> www.gymfestivals.eu and in the media network with the "European GYMnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" will publish the next steps and more information within a short time ...

.... and after than their cool presentation for the Gymnaestrada Chronicle!

Millions of such pictures will produced at these Gymnaestrada days:
at many places and stages here in Lausanne, like by these Brits fom the 'L & G' club, during their performance'Hairspray'