04. January 2012  
Las Palmas / Gran Canaria, Spain  
Happy Gymnastics

Jesus TELO: With the 52nd Blume Gran Canaria we round off the Olympic Year 2012!

The Canary gymnastics functionary Jesus TELO, Jr., of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) is wellknown as the soulful ambassadors of the popular Blume Gran Canaria Festival.
Despite the eventful 2011 World Gym-year succeeded him and his team of the Canary Organizing Committee, even the 51st BLUME Gran Canaria Festival again in 2011 to have a hopeful on future-oriented "festival withheart" are.

New impulses - not only in the Canary Islands - he sat also internationally, together with German, Italian and Danish festival organizers, by the new "European GYM Festival Network" (EGF), the community chose to take more and more international operators.

GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL spoke with Jesus TELO ...:

Jesus TELO, jr. (Mitte) at the farewell reception of international guests
in the Real Club Nautico, 2011, December 3, in Las Palmas.

* Jesus TELO -: My impressions are promising, although it is currently around the word 'crisis' have written large, again, many groups from Europe to participate in the 51st International Gym-Festival BLUME GRAN Canaria can inspire 2011th
Over 700 participants from 14 countries, plus 300 from five islands of the Canarian archipelago - except the island of El Hierro, which are unfortunately still missing ... and more than 3,800 participants from the main island of Gran Canaria itself - that was another very good success, as a sign for the future, for the second half of the century-Gym Festival.
So, the international interest is also for efficient, global communication steadily growing, and: while Europe freezes in winter, there are pleasant, spring-like grounds, gymnastics outdoors in Gran Canaria to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere, an event that groups of gymnasts ever remains in the memory stick!

Per argument: the 'low-cost' airlines' also have the distance down decisively.
Today is a low cost flight ticket from FrankfurtAirport to Gran Canaria cheaper than driving to 1x by train from Munich to Hamburg! 
Don't forget that the distance is about 4 times as big!
* ... all on >> www.blume-grancanaria.org