30. July 2023
Amsterdam, NED
Happy Gymnastics

From today's opening until 5 August, almost 19 000 gymnasts from all over the world will gather for the World Gymnaestrada Amsterdam 2023.
The very first World Gymnaestrada took place in Rotterdam 70 years ago (1953), and Amsterdam hosted it once before in 1991.
Now, starting today, literally hundreds of performances will take place in the exhibition and congress centre "RAI" and the Olympic Stadium of the Dutch metropolis. These short and long performances are...

1. January 2023
Berlin / Germany

The team of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL finishes one of  its most successful year and starts now into the 26th year of establishing of this GYMnews label! All our business partners, clients and customers - without those engagement the development of such a gym news system were impossible, and all useres and friends of gymnastics from nearly 100 countries day by day.
Our hearts go out especially to the people of Ukraine and to all those suffering...

4. December 2022
Las Palmas, ESP
Happy Gymnastics

 ... the Canarian organisers would not have thought that their exemplary 60-year festival tradition in honour of their Spanish European gymnastics champion Joaquin BLUME (1933 - 1959) would survive the crazy pandemic times in such a grand manner:
So the Spanish Chief organiser Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ sums up the 60th BLUME GRAN CANARIA 2022 as a great success, as this unique festival of gymnastics and gymnastics disciplines in combination with tourism and active...

30. November 2022
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Happy Gymnastics

Traditionally, the series of events of the BLUME Festival in Gran Canaria was opened on the stage of the Yumbo Centre in the middle of the Tousite Centre of Maspalomas. In a colourful mixture of Spanish folklore, senior and amateur athletes from different countries and, for example, high-class rhythmic gymnastics from the Ukraine,  Germany and Italy this was a prelude to a week of celebrations in which further events will follow in various cities and towns.

25. November 2022
Las Palmas, ESP
Happy Gymnastics

Actually, it is a grand European record that only an extraordinary pandemic could interrupt for two years:
Where else is there a broad sporting event of this international character, which has now opened for over six decades on the "Island of Eternal Spring", on Gran Canarao - with a press conference led by chief organiser Jesus TELO RODRIGUEZ, <i>(<photo, left) </i>son of the family of the festival's founder, Jesus TELO NUÑEZ, who died a few years ago. He created...