01. December 2005  
Playa del Ingles /Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

Ronny Ziesmer - Ambassador for BLUME Gran Canaria

Ronny Ziesmer, the former German gymnast who is paraplegic since an accident during training in summer 2004, has agreed to be the international “ambassador” for the 45th Festival BLUME Gran Canaria 2005. The festival was founded at the end of the 50ies and was devoted to Joaquim BLUME, the European Champion in artistic gymnastics who was killed in an accident. The proposal was made to Ronny Ziesmer by the Organising Committee surprisingly during a live interview with the radio station 'Radio Atlantico'.
In future Ronny should be a link between elite and recreational sports and help to create further attention for the Festival BLUME Gran Canaria in which participate as well top- stars of gymnastics as also many participants who do recreational gymnastics or sports for handicaped persons.

The people in Spain follow Ronny Ziesmer’s visit with great attention. Also they were full of consternation when they heard of Ronny’s accident in the summer of 2004!

The main radio station of the Canary Islands 'Radio Atlantico' broadcasted a one-hour long program regarding the topic 'Festival BLUME Gran Canaria.

Ronny during a live- interview with a Canary radio station

Although I don’t know yet what my exact tasks will be, I of course accept this offer and will try to commit to it accordingly. This festival is about the complex idea of intenational gymnastics, and I’m looking forward to be a link between elite and recreational sports.

Jesus Telo welcomes Ronny Ziesmer on the Plaza des Maspalomas which is located right in the touristic centre of Playa del Ingeles in the south of the island.

The local administrations have acknowledged the Festival for quite a while already as an attractive enrichment of the cultural offers for the guests on the island and there are tourists who especially choose to make their holidays during “BLUME- time”…

After their performance young gymnasts of the 'Camberwell Gymnastics Clubs' congratulate Ronny to his new role as Festival- ambassador BLUME GRAN CANARIA

Also for Ronny it is perfectly being taken care of during the Festival.
The Blume- OC and a team of German organisers with Yvonne Herr, Sonja Schurek, Alexander Reuss and Richard Grüner (- on the background of the photo from left to right) take care as well of a smooth running of the Festival as also of many colourful events and nice hours which are spent together. Ronny feels here in a special way not only the international solidarity of the large gymnastics family but he also makes further major steps into a fullfilled and interesting life.
'And especially now I feel what the sports, for which I gave everything almost during my whole life up to now, can give back to me. So it hasn’t been invain for me -
>> ... further GYMmedia- reports will follow after the OPENING of the 'Festival BLUME Gran Canaria' today evening in the main sports hall in the capital Las Palmas.