27. November 2004  
Maspalomas / Gran Canaria  
Happy Gymnastics

UEG starts with GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL in 2005

Opening of BLUME Gran Canaria
Today representatives of the European gymnastics federations met in the Hotel Beverly Park in Playa del Ingles on the holidays island Gran Canaria in order to get information on the ”1st GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL“ which is scheduled for 2005.
The European Gymnastics Federation UEG has asked the organisers of the ”BLUME FESTIVALS GRAN CANARIA' to take care of it. The meeting was led by the member of the Technical Committee of the UEG for General Gymnastics Jesus TELO, the head of the TC Jeannett Häusler also was among the participants.

Jesus Telo jun. greets the head of the Norwegian delegation Martha M. Bjerkan

A smart selection by the UEG
The selection of Maspalomas as the first organiser has been a good selection by the UEG:
- With the president of the gymnastics federation from Gran Canaria Jesus TELO NUNEZ sen. and his team – which has organised since 44 years now (!!) the worldwide famous BLUME Gran Canaria-Festival with guests from 20 countries and overall 7,500 participants – they have a large experience in logistics and event management.
- In addition to that also the touristic fascination of the island doesn’t have to be explained to potential participants. In the month of November during which the festival is planned the island offers a nice southern summer flair.
The most important issue of the festival should be the exchange of experiences and getting to know each other.
The content is planned with two major aspects:
In the nice sports hal San Fernando in Maspalomas, the near-by swimming pool and the open-air fields like basketball- court or rollerblading- area as well as in the stadium the participants have the opportunites as well to present group performances as also the opportunity to exchange experiences in workshops which will be prepared by the experienced gymnastics offical from Germany Bärbel Schöttler.

A large shopping center should be transferred into an open-air arena

As special highlight the Spanish organisers plan to hold a large, international show event in the shopping center „JUMBO“. Experiences of the BLUME-Festival show that it is quite easy to get a large audience there as Maspalomas is highly frequented by tourists and international visitors.
GYMmedia as long-year media partner of the BLUME-Festival is on site and will report from it. Among the participants are sports acrobats from Berlin as well as German juniors in artistic gymnastics Philipp BOY and Kai WERNER from Cottbus and the third-ranked of the trampoline World Championships (DMT) Nico GÄRTNER who are honorary guests of the Spanish organisers.