5. October 2004
Wörgl / Austria
Sport Aerobics

Altogether 13 nations come from 9th until 10th October on invitation of the Austrian Federation of Gymnastics (ÖFT) to the 3rd Austrian Aerobic Open and 5th National Championships - including Youth Championships.
Almost 250 athletes of all age groups and categories will be this weekend in Wörgl (Tirol) at the start: Aerobic athletes out of Bulgaria, Moldavia, Netherlands, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, White Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Thailand and India (!).

28. September 2004
Chandigarh / India
Sport Aerobics

Popular Indian kind of sport: Sports Aerobics

Rishab Dev won the gold medal in the Aerobic Competition ('Individual Boys') at the 32nd Gymnastics Championships in Chandigarh (India) being held at the ITBP gymnasium hall. Silver to Sudip Dep (KV School-31) and 3rd place to Devjit Sharma (GHS Behlana). In the Trio´s claimed gold medals also Sudip Dep with Mohan Singh and Vanrinder Singh (GHS, Behlana).

30. July 2004
Munich / Germany
Sport Aerobics

Today and tomorrow take place the Aerobics competition during the 'IX. Eurogames 2004' in Munich (Germany) - all around the Olympic Park. 5300 athletes from 38 countries all over Europe will be competing for medals in 26 different sports. Aerobics is one of them besides cheerleading, line dance, swimmming, row, football, golf, tennis ore volleyball.
With the motto 'Munich s´ports the rainbow' - everyone is welcome, regardless of background, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs.

29. July 2004
Bracknell / Great Britain
Sport Aerobics

In the FIG code Kaite Richards (Phoenix) and Adam Ludwell (Weston Sports Aerobics) won gold in senior individual the traditional Alex Strachan Cup in Bracknall (Great Britain). Katie Cannon, Ria Cousins and Lorra Ine Shortland (Heathrow Sports Aerobics) took the first place in trios.
In the NAC code Charlotte Edward (Baskervilles) took gold in the seniors, in groups the Weston Sports Aerobics with Carol Hartley, Jeanette Shelford, Rehbien Shireen, Pauline Wood, Karen Mohammed and Lorra Ine Davidson.

14. June 2004
Sofia / Bulgaria - Moutier / Swiss
Sport Aerobics

In June 2006 the world´s aerobic elite will meet in the Popular Republic of China. In the City of Nanjin, Jiangsu Province, will be the 9th FIG Sports Aerobics World Championships. The delegation of the Chinese Federation and the FIG (include FIG-President Bruno Grandi) have officially signed an agreement in Sofia (Bulgaria) at the last World Championships.