25. May 2004
Sofia / Bulgarien
Sport Aerobics

Next weekend in 'Winter Palace of Sport' in Sofia (Bulgaria) take place the '1st FIG-International Age Group Competition' for the new aerobic-generation and future champions who will win the top places in Sports Aerobics. This competition means a great chance for international young aerobics talents. Seven days the 8th World Championships bevore expected in the Age Group participants more then 20 nations.

14. May 2004
Moutier / Schweiz
Sport Aerobics

Right after last FIG-World Series Tournament in Montlucon/France the FIG updated its Sports Aerobics World Ranking Lists. Daniela Izabela Lacatus (Romania) remains the number one with 304,75 points in 'Individual Women'. Gregory Alcan (France) win with highest score from 349,90 points in 'Individual Men'. The Mixed Pairs leading Daniela Izabela Lacatus and Remus Nicolai (Romania).

9. May 2004
Montlucon / France
Sport Aerobics

With a surprising victory from Marcela Lopez (Brazil) and the favorite victory from Gregory Alcan (France)get on sonday in Montloucon/France during the 1st stage of the World Series in 2004. Lopez won with a great distance from Lecis (ITA), Ito (JPN) and Lacatus (ROM). As a final test four weeks ago the 8th FIG-World Championships Jonathan Canada and Alba de las Neras (Spain) won the mixed pairs. Rumania are gold medalist in trios and groups. The favorites dominated the qualifications...

2. April 2004
Nowe Zamky/Slovakei
Sport Aerobics

At the'Slovakian Open' taking place this weekend in Nowe Zamky/Slovakia participants of all European countries will take part, in order to test each other before the 1st Internatioanl Age Group Competition and the 8th FIG-Worldchampionships taking place at the end of May and the beginning of June in Sofia/Bulgaria. Represented are Aerobic athletes from Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Italy and of course Slovakia.

13. March 2004
Sport Aerobics

In Moutier/Switzerland the F.I.G. executed the drawing of lots for the '8th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of SPORTS AEROBICS', which will held in Sofia, Bulgaria, this year, from June 3 to June 5 and for the '1st International Age Group Competition', which will held also in Sofia from May 28 to May 30.

The World Champs of Sports Aerobics and the '1st International Age Group Competition' include the five categories 'Individual Men', 'Individual Women', 'Mixed Pairs', 'Trios' and 'Groups'