29. May 2007  
Swidnica / Poland  
Sports Acrobatics

11th International Spring Tournament of Sports Acrobatics

In Memory of Henrik Chmielewskiego...
Almost tropical temperatures dominated at the 11th annual edition of the "International Spring Tournament of Sports Acrobatics 2007", which was held in Swidnica, in the South of Poland last weekend, in memory of the Polish acrobat Henrik Chmielewskiego (1917 - 1982).

Participants from six different countries took part, from the USA, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Republic of South Africa and Germany.
The German delegation brought together acrobats from Saxonia and Wurttemberg.

Especially the junior categories presented a high standard of acrobatic gymnastics and the German delegation noticed some interesting results...

Successful German acrobats from Saxonia and Wurttemberg in Swidnica
(Photo: G. Maeusnest)

Hiller / Mueller:
... strong exercise!

 * Juniors
1. Ann-Sophie Behrendt/Jean Vetter/
    Veronika Glybotchko (GER; SC Riesa) - 84,050
2. Kamila Kowalska/Katarzyna Patalas/Alicja Kocsan (POL) - 81,800

* YOUTH (11-16 years)
1. Allison Lynn Mock/Mia Renee Medina/
    Megan Lindsey Muelberger (USA) - 83,260
2. Kelly Herzfeld/Grace Bright/Kathleen Kennedy (USA) - 82,150
3. Kaja Traina/Michelle Banawsky/Rosie Cherniss (USA) - 81,700

MIX Pairs:
* Juniors
1. Jaqueline Hanschel/Jan Ljubimov (GER; SC Hoyerswerda) - 83,400
2. Mical Anota/Matteussz/Rzeznikiewicz (POL) - 82,800
3. Annika Grader/Denny Böttcher (GER; SC Hoyerswerda) - 81,400

* YOUTH (11-16 years)
1. Jean Balogh/Wlad Ljubimov (GER; SC Hoyerswerda) - 79,200