04. October 2009  
Vila do Conte, Portugal  
Sports Acrobatics

2009 24th European Championships Acrobatic Gymnastics

From 2009 September 28 to October 04 took place the 24 anniversary of European Championships of Acrobatic Gymnastics.

* ueg reports --: Last Final day:
Russia (womens trio and mens four), Belgium (mixed pair), Belarus (womens pair) and Bulgaria (men's 4) are the new title holder 2009.
The last competitions in Vila do Conde will attribute the all-around European titles for 2009.
A very large audience attent the competition venue for the senior programme.

** All results you will find at the >> UEG ECh Results Service

October 3, Vila do Conte

* Mixed Pairs (balance)
This time, Julie Van Gelder had dried her tears and showed once again her dazzling smile. With Menno Van der Ghote, she won the first title in the senior category (28.804). Scores of 9.40 for execution and artistry made the difference.
The beautiful Russian pair Tatiana Okulova a&Revaz Gurgenidze did not seem to be too disappointed with the second rank (28.600).
The British gymnasts Katie Axten & Nicholas Illingworth ended on the third step of the podium, as already this morning. We are looking forward to seeing the three pairs tomorrow for the finale of the all-around exercise.
4. Ukraine 27.617 (A. Burlachenko/S. Zabiyaka)
5. Lithuania 27.500 (A.Koklejeva/D. Shumilo..

* Women’s pairs (dynamic)
Surprise victory of the pair from Azerbaijan, Ayla Ahmadova/ Dilara Sultanova; they showed already this morning that they have to be reckoned with by winning the silver medal for the balance exercise. At the qualifications, these two girls were ranked 5th.
The ranking of the qualifications was quite changed:
the British pair Maiken Thorne and Mollie Grehan, who were in the lead in the qualifications ended in the finals only on the 7th and last rank with (27.102). What a disappointment!
The Ukrainians Kateryna Sytnikova and Anastasiya Melnychenko (28.150) missed gold by a 10th.
Change of positions between the Belarusians Alina Yushko/Katsiaryna Murashko (28.060) and the pair from Belgium Florence Henrist and Tatjana De Vost, the first winning bronze (4th in the qualifications) the second ones ended only on the fourth rank.
4. Belgium 27.859 ;
5. Russia 27.450 (Tatiana Alexeeva /Natalia Platoniva)
6. Germany 27.230 (Janina Hiller/Sophia Müller)
7. Great Britain 27.102.

* Men’s Pairs (dynamic)
Even the boys can cry a bit (out of happiness). This was the case for Edward Upcott from the British Pair while his friend, Douglas Fordyce was doing a somersault!
With 28.300 they won gold and the title. Second medal for the team from Portugal Tiago Figueiredo/Joao Maia (28.154) who were greeted with wild applause from their public.
Third rank for the Russians Alexey Dudchenko et Konstantin Pilipchuk (28.150.)
4. Bulgaria (A. Andonov/Y.Georgiev) &
4. Ukraine (I.Pulin/D.Tarasenko), 28.101
6. Belarus 27.753 (R.Fedchanka/Y.Kalachou)
7.Poland 27.740 (J.Al-AHAd/K.Fieniuk)
8. Israel 26.901 (A. Mozes/S.Shoshana).

* Women’s Trios (balance)
We take the same and start all over again: the three best groups of the qualifications are in the same order on the podium.
The title could not escape the terrific Russian group (Aygul Shaykhutdinova/Ekaterina Stroynova/Ekaterina Loginova) who win the best total of the day: 28.854.
The second rank went Belarus (Hanna Dudkouskaya/Yuliy Khrypach/Alisa Usmanova) with 28.454, followed by Ukraine 28.450 with Iuliia Odintsova/Kateryna Kalyta /Natsaliya Vinnik.
4. Belgium 28.400 (E.Vanstaen/M.Croket/C. Van Hombeeck) ;
5. Great Britain 28.200 (J.Miller/E.Walters/K.Smyth);
6. Poland 78.830 (A. Filipowska, A. Nawrocka, B. Chlebisz);
7. Portugal 27.654 (A.Martins/C.Barebosa/I.Luz);
8. Netherlands 27.170 (H.Koopman/M.Dijkstra/J. De Vegt).

* Men’s Four (dynamic)
Small problem for the Ukrainians (A.Bilozor/A.Lytvak/D.Kriuchkov / R.Urazbakiev) due to a problem with the music. They had to wait for a long time and the technicians excused themselves. However, this does not hinder them to take the lead with 28.365.
Only the British group (A.Macassey/A.Buckingham/A.Uttley/J.Stranks) was able to beat them with 28.542.
The bronze medal goes to the team from Belarus 27.902 (K. Shatau, A. Khvalko, V. Ulasevich, K. Zhdanovich).
4. Bulgaria 27.879 (M.Gospodinov/V.Stoyanov/N.Ivanov/V.Parvanov) ;
5. Poland 27.840 (T.Antonowicz/M.Jarczak/S.Rudyk/M.Piasecki) ;
6. Russia 26.214 (V.Alexeev/D.Parfenov/D.Levkovich/N.Nikitin). 
* Source: UEG,  D.Duchoud/UEG

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