22. July 2009  
Kaohsiung, Taipeh  
Sports Acrobatics

2009 WORLD GAMES: Acrobatic Gold medals went to five different nations

On Monday, July 20 the trampoline and acrobatic gymnastics competitions of the 2009 WORLD GAMES in Kaohsiung, started with their first decisions:
<< The USA mixed pair Kristin ALLEN / Michael RODRIGUES (< photo, left) won the gold medal with a score of 28,806, followed by the Belgium pair Julie VAN GELDER / Menno VANDERGHOTE (28,653) and the Brits Katie AXTON / Nicholas ILLINGWORTH on bronze rank. The Belgians grapped gold at the women's pair with Tastana DEVOS / Florence HENRIST (28,612). The silver medal went to  Ayla AMMADOWA / Dilana SULTANOVA from Azerbaidshan (28.602) and the British pair Mollie GRAHAN / Maiken THORNE (28,453) won one of the three bronze medals for their country.
... and the fifth gold medal at the last day went to the Chinese men's group ...

 ... at the third and last day the fifth Gold medal went to the Chinese men's group, followed by Great Brotain and Ukraine

> Fin. Men's Groups
    > Men's Groups, qualification

* At last Belgium and Russia were the both most successful nations, winning each gold & silver medal.
* Third was the Ukraine with one golden and thre bronze medals.
* Without a gold but with the most medals (2 silver / 3 bronze)  the Brits demonstrated the high level of acrobatic gymnastics in their country!