01. March 2010  
Vinnitsa, Ukraine  
Sports Acrobatics

ACROBATICS: 19th Stars above the Boug River 2010

The Vinnista Association of Sport Acrobatics invited international junior and senior acrobats to participate in the 19th “Stars above the Boug River” tournament, February 24 – 27 in Vinnitsa (UKR).

Out of 13 participating countries, senior gymnasts from Russia, Belgium, Great Britain and host Ukraine were most successful.

Russia topped the Men’s Pair and Women’s Group (photo, left)  rankings, with an extra Silver in Men’s Group.

* R E S U L T S:

* Men’s Pair
1. - Ivanov Dmitri / Ivanov Maxim (RUS)             - 86.531

2.- Kalachou Yauheni / Fedchanka  Ruslan (BLR) - 84.857

3. - Edward Upcott / Douglas Fordyce (GBR)        - 84.773