09. November 2003  
Zielona Gora / Polen  
Sports Acrobatics

ECh Sports Acrobatics: Final Day

It was absolutly not a surprise, that Russia was the most successful nation of these 21st European Championships of Sports Acrobatics, again.

The Russian athletes won the team competition and also all the five final disciplines of senior categories.

<< Great Britain with one silver and two bronze medals and Portugal (1 bronze) were the only Westeuropean nations, winning medals in Zielona Gora (POL).
All the other were won by the eastern European federations...

Russian Mixed Paar

Summing up the European Championships

The Polish Sports Acrobatics Federation arranged a perfect organised and into the smallest detail planed European Championship. The favourite role of the Russian team was to be known to everyone, but how they dominate the other competitors was a surprise. The local press where much to be seen on the Finals, but the also arrived international press could get an uncomplicated and helpfully organised arrangement. The Competition-Hall was sold out every day, but and with that the one and only point of critic: maximum 250 seats for spectators aren’t that best possible to an European Championship.