16. April 2003  
Sports Acrobatics

Flanders ACRO CUP - the biggest Sports Acrobatics event for Clubs

The International Flanders Acro Cup 2003 was held last weekend in Puurs, Belgium, on April 11th to 12th.
Many gymnasts came from 12 different European countries and took part at the competition with th consequence of a very long competition day on Saturday. The event started at 9 a.m. and to finished after a distance of more than 14 hours, at 11:40 p.m.

P R E V I E W : 3.ACRO-Cup Albershausen/Germany
2003, April, 25.-27

The very first guests are just arrived at Albershausen: The Bulgarian men's pair Radostin Nikolov/Anton Ivanov, European Champion 1999 and also vive world champion. They want to win the tournament in Albershausen again, like in 1999. Just now they train in the sports center of Aalen andthey are prepaering to fight against the world champions, which will come from Russia.
On the top the three times world champions of women pairs.