02. April 2007  
Albershausen / Germany  
Sports Acrobatics

PREVIEW: 5. ACRO CUP in Albershausen - Highlight of spring of 2007 - GYMfamily EVENT -

The ACRO-Cup Albershausen 2007 will be taking place soon. 
From 13 -15 April 2007 the best young athletes in the world will meet in Abershausen (Baden-Württemberg).

There will be almost 90 groups and pairs from 8 countries (Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, England, Switzerland and France) taking part - in all about 300 guests, even more than there were two years ago.

The name "Albershausen"  has become synonymous with a top event in the world of sports acrobatics...

Changes in the international scene
Since 2006, the title holders no longer come exclusively from countries in Eastern Europe.
England for instance snapped up three world championship titles last year, defeating the Russians - two of these world champions from the junior section will be competing in Albershausen. 
Günther Mäußnest, the head of department, has good contacts all over the world and was thus able to convince the entire English junior team to take part in the ACRO-Cup in Albershausen.
The delegation from Russia will be smaller than in years gone by, to compensate however it will include the 2005  Junior European champions of the mixed pairs.
Asia will be represented by the sports acrobats from Kazakhstan, who will also be travelling farthest to compete.

Local heroes: Hiller/Müller

5th ACRO-Cup Albershausen 2007 - the fact:
- Schedule -

>   Wednesday, 11.4.2007: Arrival of the participants 
>> Thursday, 12.4.2007 Official Training
>> Friday, 13.4.2007      1st day:  Balance/Tempo
>> Saturday, 14.4.2007   2nd day: Tempo/Balance
>> Sunday, 15.4.2007     3rd day: Kombi
(Tickets for the competitions will be available on the day.)
Information: G. Mäußnest