03. April 2005  
Puurs / Belgium  
Sports Acrobatics

World Cup: International Flanders Cup of Sports Acrobatics

Today: Finals and Gala in Puurs...
The Flanders International Cup of sports Acrobatics will be organized between the 31st of March and the 3rd of April 2005 and will held in the Sportcoplex de Vrijhals" in Puurs, Belgium.
The Flanders International Acro Cup is a FIG World Cup and open for National Teams as well for Club Teams. In this competition, there will be a Sawagg, Junior and Senior level.
This year there it is again a team competition....

Official Equipment: Janssen-Fritsen

For 2005 the organizers hope to welcome more than 500 gymnasts from 20 different countries. The number of Belgian gymnasts also increases every year.
New from 2005 on is that the tournament is linked to the world cup.
source: fiac / wc website