17. June 2006  
Coimbra / Portugal  
Sports Acrobatics

XX Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships 2006

fig-info: - The City of Coimbra, fascinating and ancient capital of Portugal, hosted the 20th World Championships of Acrobatic Gymnastics involving the world's top acrobats. The event is major and the entire international gymnastics community is holding its breath as it awaits the event.
Winning the team competition but also two more gold (women's group; mixed) and four more silver medals Russia was the most successful nation of these world championships.
Ukraine (men's pair), Great Britain (men's group) and Bielorussia (women's pair) won the other disciplins.
Bronze medals went to China (2), USA (1) and Poland (1).
Producing TV pictures for the first time in history of acrobatic worlds the TV rights owner F.I.G. started a new era of worldwide marketing...

View into the Worlds competition hall of the Pavilh?o Multidesportos in Coimbra
Photos from Coimbra - by (c) Volker MINKUS

Golden Russian women's pair:
World Games, Duisburg 2005

And who might just beat the mythical Russian Pair, Anna Katchalova / Revaz Gurgenidze?
Silver medallists in 2004, Gold in 2005, these two artists literally seduced and set ablaze the public in Duisburg!
Certain insiders would agree that Anna and Revaz incarnate body expression and explode with communicative emotion. Everyone is excited about seeing their performance and feeling the rush of watching Acrobatic Gymnastics' best.

A First for Acro
The World Championships in Coimbra are a first for the discipline's judges; they'll have access to the new exercise visualisation system known as IRCOS by FIG.
Qualification Results, June 15/16

Qualification, Men's Pairs

>> Detailed Results, Balance

>> Men's Pairs, Qualification

Qualification, Men's Groups

>> Detailed Results, BALANCE

>> Men's Group, Qualification

Mixed Pairs, Qualification

>> Mixed Pairs, TEMPO

>> Mixed Pairs, Qualification

Gold for Ukraine's men pair, followed by Russia and Poland

F.I.G. wrote....:
Coimbra / FIG Office, June 16, 2006:--- For the first time in the history of Acrobatic Gymnastics, the sport will appear in a TV production that will be broadcasted globally along with a series of images. This news profoundly affected organisation of the 20th World Championships in Coimbra (POR). Television's impact was gauged in all areas of the competition....
>>> .... complete F.I.G. viewpoint

Russian Team won first Gold, in front of Great Britain and Ukraine.

Final: Mixed Pairs
1. RUS 29.252
2. RUS 2 28.751
3. USA 28.65

4. GBR 28.555
5. POL 28.402
6. UKR 27.967
7. BUL 27.86
8. NED 27.68
>> Mixed Pair, Final

Final: Women's Pairs
1. BLR 28.53
2. RUS 28.307
3. CHN 28.266

4. RUS 2 28.22
5. UKR 28.14
6. BLR 27.74
>> Women's Pair, Final

Russian Women's Group