01. April 2013  
Brussels, Europe  
Wheel Gymnastics

APRIL FOOL S DAY!EU Regulation: Compulsory Helmet use in Wheel Gymnastics causes much confusen

The news of a new European Union (EU) regulation based on a suggestion from the European Commission and European Parliament making the use of helmets compulsory in wheel gymnastics from July 2013 has hit like a bombshell and led to much confusion and considerable irritation – especially at such short notice before the World Gymnastics Championships in Chicago.
The regulatory text published in the official gazette of the EU in March will directly affect the participants of the World Championships in Chicago.
This has come as a complete surprise to the recently qualified German athletes who have had no advance information about the possibility of such a regulation.

<< The hosts in the US, on the other hand, have been made aware of the new regulation and are ready to use helmets in Chicago.

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The ex-international performer Wolfgang Bientzle (right), organiser of the Chicago World Championships, discusses the consequences with Franz Obry, head of the German organisation 'Förderverein Rhönradturnen'.

The former German (with dual nationality) Max Brinkmann, who will compete for the US at the World Championships in July, is already used to wearing a helmet.

Despite this new rule, the International Wheel Gymnastics Federation (IRV) remains calm and points out that international athletes are all exceptionally skilled and used to adapting to unusual situations.
Hardly any of the athletes will have difficulties with this regulation.

... no Integral Helmet!
In early May the Technical Commission in the IRV will meet to discuss the topic again and will probably advise the IRV Presidency not to allow integrated helmets but only normal skating or cycling helmets - to make sure that judges and spectators can see who is in the wheel.

We believe that this is the most serious intrusion into the competition rules that we have seen in recent years and we would like to start a discussion to find out our readers’ opinions.

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