20. December 2004
Novi Sad / Serbia and Montenegro
Sport Aerobics

The city of Novi Sad in Vojvodina – northern province of Serbia and Montenegro - was the host of a competition in Aerobic Gymnastics on December 18, 2004, organized by Aerobics Association of Vojvodina. The competitors were divided according to the FIG AGC regulations, coming from four clubs.
'It was not a big event but very important one for the development of this beautiful gymnastic discipline in our country, where there is only enthusiasm and passion that helps overcoming...

12. December 2004
Prague / Czech Republic
Sport Aerobics

The attractive woman Jana Zabojnikova from Prague became the title Miss-Aerobic 2004 in the Czech Republic. After several separation round the 19-year-old won the sporting competition written out by the agency 'Care Alfa' in ahead of the vice-master Klara Rehakova (Hradec Kralove) and the third Tereza Janousova (Plzen). In final the Czech prevailed against 11 further rivals.

Also a 'Mini Miss Aerobics' was choosed - here won Julie Ondova from Zlin ahead of Natalie Staskova (Prerov) and Alzbeta...

8. December 2004
Mexico City / Mexico
Sport Aerobics

From 10th to 12th December take place in the 'Juan de la Barrera Gym' in Mexico City (Mexico) - organized from the Mexican Federation of Gymnastics and the DF Government’s - the international 'Aerobics Nuevo Milenio Cup Mexico 2004'. Its hold competitions in the five FIG senior categories (Individual Women, Individula Men, Mixed Pairs, Trio, Groups) and also in Age Group 15 to 17 years old and 12 to 14 years old.

24. November 2004
Aarau / Switzerland
Sport Aerobics

Next weekend from 27th to 28th November take place in the Schachen hall in Aarau (Switzerland) the 2nd Swiss Aerobics Championships. Nearly 1000 participants from 73 clubs - the interest for these competition is increasing - announced. Clubs with exact ore more then eight gymnasts fight two days in categories youth, actives and seniors, in pairs and in teams with three to six athletes.

15. November 2004
Rotterdam / Netherlands
Sport Aerobics

Finland and Czech Republic was the best nations in Individual (adults) at the FISAF European Championships Aerobics and Fitness last weekend in 'Top-class sports hall' von Rotterdam (Netherlands): In Individual Women won in Sports Aerobics competition Tiia Piili from Finland, in Men Finn Jouni Viitanen. Silver and Bronze won athletes from Czech Republik. Best ranking for the Netherlands: Helena Nahafaik with 4th place.