29. April 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

The young new section of wheel gymnastics of the German club TG Obertshausen will be the organizer of the 2003 German Youth Championships at June 28-29.
Four weeks ago, the execution of the German Juniors Championships in wheel gymnastics was still not organized.

16. April 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

Six weeks before the 5th World Championsships of Wheel Gymnastics in the Norvegian Olympic City of 1994, Lillehammer, the count down is running on for the actives and athletes, who will participate, there.
This week, 32 gymnasts from Germany, Switzerland, Norway and France meet in Taunusstein (Germany), for an internatinal training camp, to prepare for the 2003 high light....

16. March 2003
Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg/Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

Also like three weeks before the favourites of the second German qualifying of wheel gymnastics were the best again. This weekend the German qualification event took place in Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne.
After the first qualification three weeks ago in Giessen now all six tickets in the different events where clear and the Germans will go to the coming world Championships in Lillehammer (Norway) with an absolutly strong team and with a lot of aspirants for the medals.......

24. February 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

Las weekend was held the first German qualification event for the coming world Championships of WHEEL GYMNASTICS, which will took place 2003, May, in Lillehammer, Norway.
All together 52 participants from Germany started in the city Giessen, also 10 participants, coming from Belgium, Iran, Austria and the USA, to get enough points in this competition for qualifying, to get a WCh ticket to Norway......

16. February 2003
Bergisch Gladbach / Germany
Wheel Gymnastics

Last weekend the general meeting of all leaders of the regional German departements of wheel gymnastics, took place in Bergisch Gladbach, the regional leaders vote for Franz Obry.
The election of the chairman of the technical committee of Germany took a surprising course: On a clear majority, the regional leaders voted for Franz Obry as chairman, who is also the president of the International Federation (IRV). Obry got 9 votes, the rival candidate Dirk Balkenohl got 1 vote,...