15. July 2011  
Lausanne, Switzerland  
Happy Gymnastics

(5) Thursday - Weltgymnaestrada - Day 5 WORLD RECORD at swinging Rings: 790 double sault in 1,200 seconds

First date was Wednesday, but because bad weather and too much wind the really running to break the record on swinging rings was realized at Thursday evening in the Gymnaestrada village Bellerive:

* 790 double sault inside 1,200 seconds

and after this time of twenty minutes a new Guiness world record was born and it rained confetti.

75 male and 3 female gymnasts and 36 assistents were happy and celebrated a crazy victory celebration, noticed into the "Guinesss Book of World Record" at an event otherwise any points, scores or matches ...

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* From Lausanne: GYMmedia correspondent Achim SCHÄFER

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World record in front of the evening sky of Bellerive

* Now we can present also a  YOUTUBE-VIDEO-Version  of this world record:


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