20. August 2003
Leipzig (GER)
Sport Aerobics

From September 19th to 21st 2003 the shopping center „Allee-Center“ in Leipzig-Grünau presents the world’s best Aerobic sportsmen and sportswomen.

More than 300 participants from 20 nations and 5 continents are expected to show various sportive highlights. Among the teams from Spain, Romania, Russia, Mexico, Italy, France, Chile and Bulgaria is also the German one with the current German Champions Janka Daubner (SV Halle) and Julian Drescher (SAC Berlin).

25. June 2003
St. Petersburg/Russia
Sport Aerobics

The former Romanian gymnast Isabella Lacatus, now leading at the sports aerobics world ranking list, won also the individual women's category at the 2nd World Cup Final of Sports Aerobic in St. Petersburg this Monday.
Also the Spanish top-star Jonatan Canada won in the individual men's category.
Romania pair (with Lacatus again), Chile (trio) and Russia (groups) were the others gold medallists.

18. May 2003
Sport Aerobics

The 'International French Open 2003' - one of the biggest event of sports aerobics world wide - took place this weekend in Clermont-Ferrand.
More than 1,700 participants from 10 nations - among of them a lot of young athletes in the youth categories - used this copetition as an important international test for the coming highlights this year. The Italian Giovanna Lecis won the women category with a score of 17,25 Punkten. Behind her came the Bulgarian Kovaceva and...

19. April 2003
Sport Aerobics

Tokyo, Japan
The International Aerobic Federation (IAF) is the host of the SUZUKI WORLD CUP 2003, 14TH INTERNATIONAL AEROBIC CHAMPIONSHIP, at the Tokyo Gymnasium in Sendagaya, Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday and Sunday April 19th and 20th, 2003.
To the first time this event is also recognized by the F.I.G..

30. March 2003
Sofia / BUL
Sport Aerobics

On weekend, the last Worldcup tournament of series 2002 / 2003 took place in Sofia (BUL). I was the last tournament before the Worldcup final 20th to 22th June in St. Petersburg (RUS).

The winner were Gregory Alcan (FRA / individual men), Ludmilla Kovatcheva (BUL / individual women), Lazarova / Kolev (BUL / Mixed pairs) and the Trio from Bulgaria.
Many of the best athletes like the best of Worldcup ranking World Champion Jonathan Canada...