17. March 2019  
Kiev, UKR  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

GRAND PRIX: 24. Deriugina Cup 2019

♦ 24th Deriugina Cup 2019

Like almost every year, this spring is packed with international top events in rhythmic gymnastics:
It started in January with the Grand Prix competitions in Moscow and Marbella. The 3rd Grand Prix follows now in mid-March in Kiev during the 24th International Deriugina Cup and a week later follows the Grand Prix No. 4 in the French Thiais. In the following month of April, then the world association FIG has set a four-time World Cup series on every weekend: At the events in Pesaro and Sofia, follow Tashkent and Baku before then the 35th European Championships 2019 will be held in the same place in the capital of Azerbaijan.
For this year's 24th edition of the existing since 1992 Deriugina Cup elite individual gymnasts, juniors and groups in Kiev are participating  ...t ...

GRAND PRIX, Deriugina Cup 2019

App. FINALS --:
Hoop:    1. NIKOLCHENKO, Vlada (UKR)
Ball:      1. SELEZNEVA, Ekaterina (RUS)
Clubs:   1. PAZHAVA, Salome  (GEO)
Ribbon: 1. TASEVA, Katrin  (BUL)
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GP - ELITE - All-around
1. NIKOLCHENKO, Vlada (UKR)  - 77,950
   2. TASEVA, Katrin  (BUL)  - 76,650
   3. SELEZNEVA, Ekaterina  (RUS)  - 75,800

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♦  Juniors - All-around
   1. SIMAKOVA, Anastasia (RUS)  - 69,000
   2. KRASIUK, Nikol  (UKR)  - 66,550
   3. BREZALIEVA, Eva  (BUL)  - 66,300

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