08. August 2021  
Tokyo, JPN  
Rhythmic Gymnastics


The RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS competitions at the 32nd Summer Olympics in Tokyo on the last Olympic weekend (August 6th - 8th) conclude the three gymnastics disciplines.
* With the first victory of an Israeli gymnast, Linoy ASHRAM, the Russian Olympic gold series, which has been uninterrupted since 2000, was broken, now!.
With a all-around score of 107.800 points the 22 years old gymnast won gold in front of the highly favorite and 5-time current world champion Alina AVERINA (ROC), who after a loss of ribbon in the last exercise was unable to make up the deficit before the last exercise and surprisingly "content" with -0.15 points silver had to. Just as surprisingly, Belarusian Alina HARNASKO won bronze, as twin sister Arina Averina fell back to fourth after a complete ribbon change in her last exercise ...
* The Olympic gold thread also broke in the Olympic competition of gymnastics groups in Tokyo: With two flawless exercises, the group from BULGARIA won the gold medal for the first time again since 2000.  Silver went to the Russian ROC group, -1.4 points behind. Overjoyed girls from ITALY won bronze.

♦♦ INDIVIDUAL ALL-AROUND   (Friday, August 06)

♦ Qualification:
Anything other than this order of the favorite trio would be a surprise: After four handheld devices in the qualification, the Russian pair of twins Dina Averina (106,300) leads in front of sister Arina (106,175) in front of Linoy Ashram from Israel (103,100).
Whether the Belarusian duo of pursuers Alina Harnasko and Anastasia Salos, just under 4 points behind, can still hope for bronze is not very likely, unless the nerves play an incalculable role in the Olympic final ...
In the other places 6 - 10, the following gymnasts qualified for the 10'er finals on Saturday:
6. Milena Baldassari (ITA); 7. Nicol Zelikman (ISR); 8. Boryana Kaleyn (BUL); 9. Viktoria Onoprienko (UKR); 10 Khrystyna Pohranychna (UKR)
AA Results, Qualification


After the actual top favorite Dina AWERINA made a few (unusual) tiny things with the first three hand tools (hoop, ball, clubs), and the difficulty of her preliminary exercise with the clubs was not fully recognized, Linoy ASHRAM, (<photo, left) her fiercest competitor from Israel already had a lead of +0.850 points before the last rotation, with the ribbon. Only with a flawless practice and a sensational score of 24,200 points could Dina pass the Linoy ...!
The exceptional Russian gymnast and 13-time world champion actually packed everything she had available in terms of difficulties:
she increased her already high difficulty level of 14.600 (in preliminaries) by another 0.2 points in the final - but it was Ashram who had the highest difficulty (D = 15.0) already submitted. The Execution note, had to decide, and Awerina is known as a perfectionist ... everything went very well, she conjured up flawless ribbon drawings in the quiet but humid air of the Olympic competition hall ... but after two thirds of her lecture it happened ... Loss of tape (!) ... not as dramatic as that of her twin sister Alina Awerina, who even needed a replacement ribbon just before (- and who was fourth without a medal), but despite the better E-grade than Linoy Ashram of almost 1 point,
Dina AVERINA came close to the leader, but after 21 years the Russian Olympic gold series broke off by a touch of -0.15 points: The new Olympic champion comes from Israel, is 22 years old and is called Linoy ASHRAM.
And the bronze medalist will be the overjoyed Alina HARNASKO, who wins a third Olympic medal for Belarus, continuing the tradition of Julia Raschkina (silver in Sydney 2000) and Ljubov Cherkaschina (bronze in London 2012).


ASHRAM, Linoy                 (ISR)  - 107,800
AVERINA, Dina                 (ROC)  - 107,650
HARNASKO, Alina            (BLR)  - 102,700
      4. AVERINA, Arina                       (ROC)  - 102,100
      5. KALEYN, Boryana                    (BUL)  - 100,625
     6. BALDASSARRI, Milena              (ITA)  -  90,625
      7. ZELIKMAN, Nicol                         (ISR)  -  95,600
      8. SALOS, Anastasia                       (BLR)  - 95,175
      9. POHRANYCHNA, Khrystyna  (UKR)  - 95,100
    10. ONOPRIENKO, Viktoria            (UKR)  - 93,360

             Detailed Results