22. May 2022  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

2022 FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Circuit

As in artistic gymnastics, the world gymnastics association FIG has announced 10 world cups in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the post-Olympic year 2022:
The first five are defined by the FIG as WORLD CUPS. The FIG designates a further five following as World Challenge Cups. (Unfortunately, any differences are hardly comprehensible for the understanding of the public.).
   The No. 4 of this WC circuit one week after Easter took place in the capitel of Azerbaijan, in Baku from April 22 - 24 (> see below).
* The third RG World Cup took place in Tashkent on Easter weekend, but only few gymnasts found their way to the Uzbek capital. Only 21 gymnasts from 14 nations and four groups take part at this event ...! The local hero Takhmina IKROMOVA won the won the all-around qualification, followed by Ekaterina Vedeneeva (118,200) and Darja Varfolomeev from Germany.
* The start were the World Cups in Athens on March (18th - 20th), and after then followed by Sofia (BUL), but the FIG World Cup in Pesaro in Italy was moved from the beginning of April to the new date June 3rd - 5th.
→ The World Challenge Cup serie opens now on May 20th in Pamplona (ESP), followed by Portimao (POR), (Moscow is cancelled!), Cluj-Napoca (ROU).
The 39th World Gymnastics Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 from September 14 - 18 in Sofia will be the highlight of this rhythmic year...: