16. November 2014  
Innsbruck, Austria  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

GRAND PRIX-FINAL Innsbruck 2014

Winner of the Grand Prix Final all-around qualification in the Austrian Olympic city of Innsbruck was Russia's reigning worrld champion with the ball, the nineteen years old Margarita MAMUN. She scored the absolute top result with 74,617 points. On Sunday Mamun won also all the Grand Prix finals - so she is the No. ONE in the Grand Prix Ranking List 2014 with all four apparatus.
Neta RIVKIN from Israel came on second place in all-around (68,350)  and won one silver medal (hoop) at the final day only. Her teammate from Israel, Victoria VEINBERG-FILANOVSKY - all-around third - made a top competition, winning silver with the ball and two bronze medals (clubs, ribbon) All-around third placed Bulgarian Neviana VLADINOVA won two silver mdals (clubs, ribbon) and another bronze (ball). Behind this top trio local hero Nicol RUPRECHT (5th, all-around = 67,000) was very happy about bronze (hoop) and three-times on fourth place at the other finals ...!

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GRAND-PRIX - Qualification ( Grand Prix-Start list)
As the favorite Margarita Mamun excelled despite the highest levels with the lightness of being. The 19-year-old Russian got with all apparatus and the best rating goes on Sunday as number 1 in all the four Grand Prix Finals.
All-around second Neta Rivkin from Israel was reliable before the Bulgarian Neviana Vladi Nova.
Austria's national champion Nicol Ruprecht was satisfied with her convincing performance: "I am very satisfied, tomorrow it will be even better!" 
Ruprecht was fourth with each ball and hoop and fifth with clubs and ribbon and starts on Sunday in all Grand Prix Finals among the top eight.
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