13. July 2019  
Naples, ITA  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

UNIVERSIADE 2019 - Rhythmic Gymnastics

With the competitions of the rhythmic gymnastics the gymnastics events of the 2019 Students World Championships 2019 will be completed this weekend.
In the individual competitions, Russia and Elena SELEZNEVA are clearly in the lead in the qualifying rounds after the tires and ball equipment, as expected. Selezneva won also 3 apparatus finals, but Ukraine's Yeva MELESHCHUK won gold with the clubs, followed by Zohra AGHAMIROVA and SELEZNEVA on bronze place.
Also in the group competition (with only 8 participant nations, without representatives from the German-speaking area) - the Russian group won not only the all-around, but also the both group finals - each in the same ranking, in front of Ukraine and Japan ...

       - Rhythmic Gymnastics / 10. - 13. Juli -

R E S U L T S:
** Individuals:
* FINALS:        
Hoop;    Ball;   Clubs Ribbon
                        ►► Ind. all-around
* Qualification:  Hoop;    Ball;   Clubs Ribbon

* Groups:
* FINALS:         5 B a l l s;   > Combi. exercise
                       ►► Groupd-all-around;
* Qualification:  5 B a l l s;   > Combi. exercise