04. June 2014  
Chiba, Japan  

3rd Trampoline Asia Games 2014

Absolutely no surprise was the victory of the Japanese Ito MASAKI in the elite's  trampoline final of the 3rd Asian Games, which took place in Chiba, Japan.
Also the silver medalist came from the host country: It was Tetsuya SOTOMURA and behind him the men from Kazachstan, Yernur SYZDYK won the bronze medal
For the female elite and as was expected the first place goes for the Olympic Bronze medallist  Ekaterina KHILKO from Uzbekistan with 52.960 pts followed by her team colleague Anna KASPARYAN  with 52.795 pts and on third Megu UYAMA with 51.810 pts.

* ELITE's Women Individual
1. Ekaterina KHILKO   (UZB) - 52.960
2. Anna KASPARYAN (UZB) - 52.795
3. Megu UYAMA          (JPN) - 51.810

* Male Juniors
The big surprise was during the Junior Men Individual which is a qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games 2014 with the disappointment of the Japanese team that no gymnast among the two finalists could not be qualified for the games with 2 falls during the finals which gives us the following results:
1. LIU CHANGXIN            CHN 60.130
2. LIAN SHIDONG            CHN 58.455

* Female Juniors Women
... also qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games 2014 gives us a surprise with the qualification for the first time of the Qatari Gymnast Nadeen WEHDAN and no surprise for the final results as the following:
1. ZHU XUEYING    CHN 55.785
2. JIA YUJIE             CHN 55.255