12. November 2023  
Birmingham, GBR  


The UK's metropolis of Birmingham hosted gymnasts from all over the world this week for the 37th FIG TRAMPOLIN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, which took place at the Utilita Arena from 9 to 12 November 2023. More than 350 gymnasts from over 41 countries took part in four days of exciting competitions in the disciplines of individual and synchronised trampoline, double mini trampoline (DMT) and tumbling.
<< After a "false start" by the leading trampoline nation China, former world champion and top favourite YAN Langyu prevailed on the final day. Bryony PAGE from Great Britain won gold in the women's Olympic trampoline class ... in a total of "blink of an eye finals" with minimal point differences ...!
Germany's only medal was a gold: World synchronised champions were Caio LAUXTERMANN / Fabian VOGEL, who kept the final competition at bay, which surprisingly included no Asians ...!
It was also about qualifying for next year's Olympic Games in Paris. The eight best-placed athletes will receive a quota place at the World Championships. However, only one qualification place will be awarded per nation.
* After the World Championships, more than 650 of the world's best young athletes will come together at the 30th World Age Group Competitions from 16 to 19 November. For the first time, these competitions will also be officially recognised as "Youth World Championships".

  37th TRAMPOLINE WORLDS 2023 - Birmingham,  Nov. 09 - 12

On the last of the four competition days in Birmingham (Sunday, 12 November), the following all-around ranking of the disciplines trampoline / tumbling / double minitramp showed the performance of the best 5 nations of these 37th World Trampoline Championships, in which the best athletes per discipline and per nation were combined into an all-around ranking:
♦  World Championships TEAM / all-around ranking of the nations
1.  U S A- 12 Pkt. (TRA- Jessica Stevens; TUM-Miah Bruns; TMT-Ruben Padilla)
2. G B R- 11 Pkt. (TRA-Bryony Page; TUM-Shanice Davidson; DMT-Lewis Gosling)
3. C A N  -  9 Pkt. (TRA-Sophiane Method; TUM-Claire Jackson: DMT-Gavin Dodd)
4. Portugal - 8 Pkt.; 
    5. Australia - 5 Pkt.
  + + +

TRAMPOLINE (Olympic disciplin)

F I N A L S :  TRA, MEN;        TRA, WOMEN
♦ Report-:  In a real nail-biting final, two Chinese athletes defended their leading position - albeit only just: gold for YAN Langyu (60.690), silver for WANG Zisai just one hundredth of a second behind, and the distance to the third Asian, Ryusei Nishioka from Japan, was only -0.04 points! And Portugal's Gabriel Albuquerque also just missed out on the medal podium in 4th place (60.020)! Austria's Benny Wizany improved to 6th place in the current World Championship final, having already finished eighth at the last World Championships!
The Chinese women were less fortunate in the women's event, as runner-up ZHU Xueying (56.460) had to concede the title to Great Britain's Bryony PAGE after her super-difficult programme (D=15.8). Here too, the difference was only -0.22 points. Bronze went to the USA and Jessica STEVENS (55.740), who narrowly held off the second Chinese skater HU Yicheng with a +0.02 point lead in fourth place.
TRA, Men's qualification (2);   ► TRA, Women's, qualification (2)

♦ Report-: Now the Chinese took the lead with a triple lead for the men in the semi-finals and the trampoline lead for the women with HU Yicheng! German trampolinists no longer played a role at the top of the world: the only semi-finalist Matthias Pfleiderer finished in 20th place! But Austria's Benny WIZANI outdid himself: personal points record with 60.600 = 2nd place behind Wang Zisai (CHN) and ahead of Japan's Ryusei Nishioka and China's Lan Yanglu!!! Bad luck for DMT jumper Anastasia Heinrich, who missed the final by -0.3 points!!!
TRA, Men's, qualification (1);   ►TRA, Women's, qualification (1);
* Report-: First surprise on the first day of competition: In the men's trampoline competition, the two top Asian nations China and Japan missed out on the team final of the top five nations!
For the first time in history, a complete Austrian men's team competed at the World Trampoline Championships. Niklas Fröschl, Georg Hopfgartner, Martin Spatt and Benny Wizani (all from Vienna's WAT Brigittenau) finished in a surprisingly positive 7th place and only just missed out on the team final of the best five nations. Benny WIZANI (22) qualified safely for the 24-man semifinals in 11th place. Germany's Matthias Pfleiderer (28) from Stuttgart also reached the semi-finals in 19th place. However, all the other German trampolinists have already been eliminated and are ranked a disappointing 16th out of the 21 nations. Leonie Adam had to cancel routine 1 and finished 49th and Aileen Rösler didn't even finish both routines ...!

  + + +
TRA, MEN's Teams;     TRA, WOMEN's Teams
♦ Report - : Gold and silver for FRANCE's trampoline teams:
The men won ahead of Spain and Great Britain, the women took silver behind China.
Second FRENCH GOLD of the day in the women's tumbling competition (Candy BRIERE-VETILLARD) and Mikhail MALKIN won for Azerbaijan in the men's competition.

TRA, Men's Teams (qual.);      ►TRA, Women's Teams (qual.)
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♦ Report-:
  Sensational World Championship victory for the German duo Caio LAUXTERMANN / Fabian VOGEL, who relegated their pursuers Ruben Padilla / Aliaksei Shostak from the USA and Pierre Gouzou / Morgan Demiro-O-Domiro from France to the medal ranks. A World Championship final without any Asian participation!

Synchro Gold won by Caio Lauxtermann, Fabian Vogel, coach Michael Kuhn congratulates ...!

The USA won the women's title: Nicole AHSINGER / Cheyenne Sarah WEBSTER  in front of China (Qiu Zheng / Lin Qianqi), followed by Grreat Britain (Isabelle Songhurst / Bryony Page,
SYN, Men's qualification (1);    ► SYN, Women's qualification
SYN, Men's, qualification (2);

♦ Report-: * After 10th place in the synchronised preliminaries, Germany 1 with Caio Lauxtermann and Fabian Vogel qualified for the final in 7th place in the semi-finals. Austria's duo Wizani/Froeschl failed and dropped back to 16th place. DTM starter Anastasia Heinrich (GER) made it through to the semi-finals in 13th place ....
   + + +


The title fight in the DMT discipline was also hotly contested and with equally small differences in score: Aliah RAGA (USA) took gold with 26.100 points. One tenth of a point behind her, Spain's Melanie RODRIGUEZ had to settle for silver, three tenths of a point behind Diana GAGO (POR) in third place.
DMT, Men's qualification (2);   ► DMT, Women's qualification (2)

The USA dominated the men's and women's doubles mini competitions in the semi-finals with Ruben PADILLA and Aliah RAGA.
DMT, Men's qualification (1);   DMT, Women's, qualification;
Germany's DMT specialist Daniel Schmidt missed out on the semi-finals by half a point in 19th place! DTM starter Anastasia Heinrich (GER) made it through to the semi-finals in 13th place ...
  F I N A L S :  DMT, MEN's Teams;   DMT, WOMEN's Teams
♦ Report-:
  The first medals of this World Championships were awarded in the double mini tramp team competitions:
Gold went to GREAT BRITAIN in the women's competition and to the USA in the men's competition.

DMT, Men's Teams (qual.)        ► DMT, Women's Teams (quali.)
    + + +


♦ Report-:  Men's individual tumbling Gold went to  Mikhail MALKIN from Azerbaijan (30,700).
The women's title was won by the French Candy BRIERE-VETILLARD (26,300).

TUM, Men's, qualification (2);    ► TUM, Women's qualification (2)
TUM, Men's qualification (1)
;   TUM, Women's qualification (1);

  TUM, MEN's Teams;     TUM, WOMEN's Teams
♦ Report-:  Azerbaijan, with individual winner Malkin, also had the most complete nation ranking in this discipline, ahead of Great Britain and Denmark.
Great Britain's tumbling team won their second gold medal in front of France and USA.

TUM, Men's Teams (quali.)     ►TUM, Women's Teams (qual.)
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