21. October 2006  
Berlin / GER  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Berlin Masters 2006: All-around Decision

Tonight European Champion Vera Sessina (RUS/67,757) won the all around competition (qualification) of the Grand Prix Final 2006 in the Max Schmelin Halle ahead of Olga Kapranova (RUS/66,224) and Inna Zhukova (BLR/65,640). 22 gymnasts participated at the 6th Berlin Masters in front of 1.400 spectators and a cheerful audience.
Olympic Champion Russia won the group all around competition with 32,150 points over Belarus 31,225 and Azerbajan 27,700.
Maria Ringinen from Finland was elected “Miss Turnier 2006” by the spectators.

Berlin Masters Flash News from 21st October 2006

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Marina Specht (RUS)

Vera Sesina (RUS)

Ukrainian Natalia Godunko who finished the all around competition in 4th place had been in the lead after group A with 65,233 points ahead of Anna Bessonova (Ukraine/63,166) and third place finisher Marina Specht (Russia/62,074).
Godunko presented herself in her usual fun, temperamental and quick style – this time with a short pony tail – while all other gymnasts had difficulties as well as several losses of their apparatus. Especially Bessonova seemed nevous, unconcentrated and showed rather flawed programs.
Maria Ringinen from Finland is „Miss Turnier 2006“ of the Berlin Masters!

Maria Ringinen, the 18-year-old blond gymnast from Helsinki convinced with a huge lead the majority of the audience of the Max Schmeling Halle with her charming appearance and expression.
During past years the sport student who was born in Tallin (Estonia) had already been one of the front runners in the audience election.
Places two to six are occupied by Marina Specht (Russia), Anna Bessonova (Ukraine), Natalia Godunko (Ukraine), Darja Stolbin (Germany) and Rut Castillo (Mexico).
All together 550 spectators took part in the Miss election.