09. November 2008  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bessonova - Superstar in Spain again...!

Saturday and Sunday, November 8/9, the Basque Gymnastics Federation (ESP) organised “EuskalGym 2008”, an international meeting for rhythmic gymnastics groups from all over Spain and special guests from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
The Olympic bronze medallists from Belarus won in their category and the girls from Ukraine became second.
Russia sent the champions of the Moscow region, a different group than the Olympic Champions, but they were great substitutes showing elegant and expressive exercises showing all the plasticity and beauty of their gymnasts.

Bessonova: ... darling of the audiences, everywhere!

All in all it was a great event, showed a big will from the Basque Federation to offer the best of the best in rhythmic gymnastics to the audience, with a great organization and work of the many officials and volunteers involved.
Next year, see you in Durango!
* Report: E. Teijeira, Spain