23. November 2003  
Innsbruck / AUT  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bessonova the best of Grand Prix series 2003

Anna Bessonova (UKR) is the best gymnast of the 2003 Grand Prix series in Rhythmic Gymnastics. With the last Grand Prix tournament 2003 in Innsbruck she won the series, to which altogether eight tournaments belonged. She became winner with the apparatuses hoop, ball and clubs and received the respective 'Winners Prize' to ever 2,500 euro. The victory with ribbon went at Vera Sesina of Russia.

Bessonova, which had decided the all around on Saturday already for itself, triumphed today with hoop and ribbon and was recommended thereby once more than favourite for the Olympic Games 2004. Vera Sesina won with ball and clubs.

The gym of Innsbruck University - host for Grand Prix final

Anna Bessonova (UKR / 107,249) won the all around competition of Final of the Grand Prix series 2003 in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Innsbruck (AUT). Vera Sesina (RUS) became 2nd with 102,182 and Natalia Godunko (UKR) won the bronze medal with 101,649 points.
In the gym of the Innsbruck University the world best gymnasts will fight tomorrow for the 'Winners Prize' of the best gymnast in 2003 of each apparatus.
Anna Bessonova (UKR), 2nd of 2003 World Championships and Vera Sesina (RUS), Team World Champion, are favourits for this prizes.
Altogether 16 gymnasts take part in this tournament, the 8th of the 2003 series. World Champion Alina Kabaeva (RUS) called off her participation.
Programm Grand Prix Final 2003

Friday, 21st November, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., training, scool project
Saturday, 22nd November, 12 a.m. all around competition, Qualification for the Grand Prix finals
8 p.m. Gala of the world best gymnasts in the 'Dogana' of the Congress Innsbruck.
Sunday, 23th November, 2 p.m. Final competitions, Award ceremonies