07. November 2005  
Hyogo / Japan  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics Japanese Nationals 2005

From November 4 to 6, the All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastcs Championships2005 were held at Hyogo.
Yukari Murata is the best national gymnast again in Japan, winning this all-around title to the fifth time incessantly from 2001 on!
She also won three of the four apparatus finals - ribbon were won by the all-around vice-champion Ai Yokochi

Previously at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney Olympic Games, Yukari Murata participated as a member of the Japanese group and four years later, at Games in Athens 2004 she ranked 18 at the Olympic individual qualification.
So she is the most successful rhythmic gymnast in this decennium...

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... swinging Yukari!

In Japan, lots of talented juniors brought up and entered this year. Such as the 16 years old Nanase Shoji . She became senior just from this year, but came on 4th place, alreday! It must be a good opportunity for another junior in Japan.....!

All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastcs Championships2005
Hyogo / Japan; November 4 - 6 -

* RESULTS, All-aound

1.Yukari Murata:56.750
2. Ai Yokochi:52.550
3. Yoshie Hayashi:51.275
4. Nanase Shoji:49.400
5. Ikuko Uradani:48.775
6. Saye Takahashi:48.275
7. Yachiyo Nakamura:47.975
8. Sayaka Nakano:47.875
9. Yuria Onuki:47.800
10. Mai Hidaka:47.675

Nanase Shoji, her fist elite championships!

From Hyogo for GYMmedia:
Report & photos by Takako Kobayashi