02. June 2013  
Vienna, Austria  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Russia won all Juniors Titles with its Group

At the European Juniors Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2013, which were finished on Sunday morning, Russia dominated also the younger age groups of group competions:

After a three-point lead of the first day continued even after the second exercise, the junior group of Russia (33.916) through and won against Belarus (32.700) and Bulgaria (32,532) in the all-around competition. The German girls were 12, Austria hosts improved to rank 17th.

<< The Russian group was not hit on the trade in the Sunday final of the top eight and won her second junior gold, followed by Azerbaijan and by Belarus.

Austria's juniors group in joyful expectation
... at the end of day 1: 20th place of 24.
After the second exercise, they improved to 17th position!

* SATURDAY, June 01

EJCh, Groups-all-around

The first decision of the European Junior Championships' groups was in favor of Russia, whose group in both rounds (with 5 hoops reached the top marks and were unchallenged with 33.916 points Junior European champions.
Silver went to Belarus (32.700) and Bulgaria won bronze (32.532) against Azerbaijan and Israel, whose group on the final day of the all-around received the second highest rating.

Final standing: Jun. Groups, All-around