7. March 2003
Rhythmic Gymnastics

On this weekend, three important international tournaments of Rhythmic Gymnastics will take place. In Moskau (RUS), on the first Grand Prix tournament of 2003 series, the world best individual gymnasts will meet. One of the favorites is Zarina Gizikova (RUS), the best gymnast of the Grand Prix Series 2002.
In Kalamata (GRE) the best groups have their test competition for the European group Championships in Riesa (GER), at the beginning of April.
One of the...

4. March 2003
Rhythmic Gymnastics

From now on, the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) will publish on a regular basis Newsletters treating subjects of the current news. The NEWSLETTER 01/2003 deals with rhythmic gymnastics and the new code of points. UEG press chief Danielle Duchoud spoke with the TC President Heide Bruneder (AUT)...
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2. March 2003
Novo Mesto / SLO
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The Bulgarian gymnast Silvija Miteva won the 5th Slovenian challenge tournament, organized by Šiška club in Novo mesto (Slovenia) in front of Katya Pisetsky from Israel and Natalia Belkina from Russia. The only Slovenian representative was Tina Čas, who came in fourth. There were gymnasts from 16 countries competing on 28th February.
The victory in the junior category also went to Bulgaria since Stela Sultanova won the gold medal in front of the Russian gymnast Alena Romanova and...

24. February 2003
Strasbourg / FRA
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Zarina Gizikova (RUS), the winner of Grand Prix series 2002 with hoop and ball, won all around of the international tournament in Strasbourg (FRA). On 2nd rank Julia Raskina from Belarus, whom was second of the Olympic Games 2000. With this success she is back to the round of the world best gymnasts. It referred Vera Sessina (RUS) to the 3rd rank. Inna Shukova, 6th of the World Championships 2001, became 4th.
Gizikova won the finals with hoop...

24. February 2003
Funchal/Madeira / POR
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Eugenia Ramich (GER) won the individual competition (all around and all the finals) of 8th international tournament in Rhyhtmic Gymnastics in Madeira (POR). Laura Lima (POR) got 2nd place, Natalie Fauquette (FRA) became 3rd.

The Spanish group won the group competition before Germany and Portugal. Results here: