8. June 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

One week after the World Championships in Lillehammer/ N orway 300 German wheel gymnasts met in Dernbach / GER to compete on 7th and 8th June in all classes.
Also two gymnasts from Japan, who participated in Norway, took part in this competition.
Yasuaki Yoshikawa, who inspired the spectators with his routine in straight-line with music, won the competition senior class.

3. June 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

With alltogether 36 Medals Germany was the most successful nation of the 5th World Championships of Wheel Gymnastics, again.
To the first time the USA won a complete medals set, specially in the juniors categories.
The other medals were won by Japan, host Norway and Israel.
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31. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

Specially the Women vault final at the final day of the 5th World Championships of wheel gymnastics was exciting. Naomi Kunihiro (JPN) is the new World Champion. Julia Pohling (GER) is placed 2nd and Janin Oer (GER) is placed 3rd. Janin Oer ( GER) won gold in straight-line and spiral final.
In the Men Finals Julius Petri (GER) is the new World Champion in straight-line and spiral. Jan Schaefer (GER) won gold in the vault final....

30. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

Today title-holder Julia Pohling (GER) /26.25 P.) again was the winner of the Senior`s women All Around Competition. Janin Oer / D (26.0 P.). is placed third. Lin Veronica Samuelsen (24.55 P.) won the bronze medal for Norway.

German also won the gold medal in the men’s All Around Competition. Julius Petri / GER ( 27.2 P.) is placed first. Jan Schäfer /GER (25.05 P.) won the silver medal and Florian Krause / GER (24.55 P.) is placed...

29. May 2003
Wheel Gymnastics

After all members of the 13 delegations had arrived to the 5th World Championships in Lillehammer / Norway the competitors had the possibility to train and to test the floor and the wheels in the big Hakons Hall. The judges were prepared during a judging course for the competitions of the next three days.