16. May 2007
Salzburg / Österreich
Wheel Gymnastics

In the morning, all leaders of the delegations and some guests of the 7th Wheel Gymnastics WCh were invited to a reception which took place in the Marble Hall of 'Mirabell Palace' in Salzburg. In the evening the World Championships were opened with a big gala event:

About 100 participants took part in the 90 minute show. The gymnasts of the  "Turn Gym Union Salzburg" showed a convincing combination of Austrian tradition and whell gymnastics in addition to...

15. May 2007
Salzburg / Austria
Wheel Gymnastics

As part of the 7th World Championships in wheelgymnastics the 7th General Assembly of the IRV took place on 15th May 2007 in Salzburg /Austria.

12 delegates from the member countries Austria, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland came to Salzburg for the meeting.
Without changes the board of the IRV was confirmed. A new statute of IRV was decided.

11. May 2007
Salzburg / Austria
Wheel Gymnastics

The Countdown has begun...
Next week, from May 16th to 19th, the 7th World Championships in Wheel Gymnastics will take place in Salzburg. The International Federation of Wheel Gymnastics (IRV) expects exciting competitions with highly motivated participants. After the dominant German gymnasts had to concede places on the rostrum to contestants from Japan and Switzerland, the competitions in Mozart's home town will show how the nations stand at present...

1. April 2007
Wheel Gymnastics

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23. September 2006
Salzburg / Austria
Wheel Gymnastics

... lawfully for the upcoming Worlds 2007 in Salzburg
The members of the Technical Committee of the Tnternational Wheel Gymnastics Federation (IRV) published the new and offical International Reglements for Wheel Gymnastics for line, spiral and jump in German and English...