1. December 2009
Wheel Gymnastics

 .... with the advent calendar-tombola for a new gymwheel
The gymwheel development association thought of something very special for this years advent time: 
  An advent calendar-tombola!

The reason is very simple: 

With the payment of 5,-  Euro onto the account of the development association between the 1st and the 24th December 2009, one can take part in the advent-calendar tombola and could possibly, with a bit of luck, find a...

30. September 2009
Wheel Gymnastics

The 2010 Competition Rules of the "International Wheel Gymnastic Federation" (IRV) were produced by Günter Fischer , the IRV Vice-President and ITC competitions officer, in co-operation with the Board of the IRV and the members of the International Technical Commission (ITC).

This version of the Competition Rules should not be considered a final version, i. e. alterations are permitted at any time (ITC in cooperation with the Board of the IRV).
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31. July 2009
Montreal, Canada
Wheel Gymnastics

The famous Canadian "Cirque du Soleil" - online partner of the European Gymnastic Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL - informed in his topical and last NEWSLETTER 07-2009 about its manifold activities to the international gymnastics scene and also about the forthcoming dates and the next auditions in September (Las Vegas) and October (Portugal and Australia)...
* ... read more on >> Casting Newsletter 07/2009

26. May 2009
Baar, Schweiz
Wheel Gymnastics

"World Championships of the superlative was great!"

That is o ne of the core declarations of the president of the International  Rhönrad federation (IRV), Paul SIELER, - to the general meeting of his federation in Baar last week. He gave an exclusive interview to European Gymnastic Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL just shortly after the 8th. World Championships in the Swiss town Baar...:

23. May 2009
Baar, Switzerland
Wheel Gymnastics

The Swiss city of BAAR is the host of the 8th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of WHEEL GYMNASTICS 2009 ("German Wheel").
After the Wednesday's opening ceremony the competitions take place from Thursday May 21 to Saturday, May 23.
Germany is not only the country of origin of this amazing and special artistic gym-discipline, but also the most successfully nation from the 1st Worlds (1995) on.
* GYMmedia reports on its German WCh website: