21. July 2019  
Moscow, RUS  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

1st Rhythmic Junior Worlds 2019

The brand-new Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace in Moscow hosted the 1st FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior World Championships from 19-21 July with more than 300 young gymnasts from 60-plus nations competing for eight titles. A grand total of 129 gymnasts, representing 57 nations, have signed up for the individual programme, with a further 183 youngsters from 32 countries slated to take part in the group events.
As expected, the leading international host nation RUSSIA won all 8 possible gold medals, both in the individual competitions, in the nations classification, and in the three group disciplines. Russia's Lala KRAMARENKO was the most successful gymnast with two titles (hoops and clubs) and achieved with the tire the absolute highest rating (21,565) of this first Junior World Championships. ITALY (5x silver) and ISRAEL (1x silver, 4x bronze) follow on the other medal ranks. Surprisingly, Ukraine remained without any medal ...
From Australia to Brazil via Egypt, Singapore and Slovakia, the world’s very best junior rhythmic gymnasts had travelled from far and wide to show off their skills in the home of the sport. Three days of intense competition in Moscow’s gleaming new "Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace" are finished now ...

The new arena, designed in the Russian style, accommodates up to 4,000 spectators, and the arena dome will resemble the endless starry sky,” so said Ms. Irina Viner-Usmanova, not only the long-time head coach of the Russian team, also the president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation and the building was constructed in her honour.

* SUNDAY, July 21
  B a l l ;    R o p e ;  
  Clubs;     Ribbon

<< Lala KRAMARENKO (RUS) - the 3-times gold medallist  (team, ball final, ribbon final) at the 2018 Junior European Championship in Guadalajara, won two world finals now (hoop; clubs) and team gold with Dariia Sergeeva and Anastasia Simakova).

* Individual Qualification Results:  (July 19/20)
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1. RUSSIA - 49,550;    2. ITALY - 45,100;    3. ISRAEL - 42,300.
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* 5 H O O P S
1. RUSSIA - 26,250;    2 ITALY - 25,100;     3. BELARUS - 24,650
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* 5 RIBBONS   (- just in progress!)
1. RUSSIA - 21,450;  2. BELARUS - 19,550;  3. ISRAEL - 19,000;
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* Groups qualifications:
   > 5 Hoops;    > 5 Ribbons

* DAY 1 (Friday, July 19) -
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* Individual Qualification Results:  (July 19-20)
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