20. January 2018  
Berlin, GER  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

2018 comes the Out for the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup "Berlin Masters"

After 17 successful years, there will be no continuation of the most prestigious international Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament in Germany from 2018 on: The organizers of the "Berlin Masters" throw up the towel:
"Organization and financial security for such a top tournament have been for us as hosts in the past both years, the effort for the largely volunteer team in the tournament year 2017 is hardly more difficult", said Jens-Uwe Kunze, CEO of the Berlin's Gymnastics Federation and longtime tournament director. "In addition, FIG sanctions for a fault in the equipment, so we decided not to stay in the World Challenge Cup Series." Also the search for another organizer was unsuccessful. A continuation of this tradition as "Berlin Junior Masters" would be conceivable, Kunze said: "We are thinking of a big international junior tournament and are now entering into a discussion with the German Gymnastics Federation. So we could also offer our very good young gymnasts in Berlin an international platform."
* Source: dtb-website