28. September 2014  
Izmir, Turkey  
Rhythmic Gymnastics


At the 33rd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS 2014 (21 - 28 09) in Izmir, Turkey, where 300 gymnasts took part, proved again RUSSIA as the dominant lead nation in this discipline, fetched by team gold and also the maximum of all individual titles and medals and won alone so 7 gold medals. Only misadventures in the group qualification is needed the Russians with "only" a gold medal in the last of the group finals (3 balls / 2 ribbons). So BULGARIA triumphed in the group's all-around final and SPAIN in the group final with 10 clubs. Superior gymnast in the individual competitions was the successful defending all-around champion, Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA, with a total of four individual gold medals, only once defeated by her compatriot Margarita MAMUN.
Gymnasts from German-speaking countries play no role in the world rankings and did not reach the all-around final of the best 24. As currently the best scraped Austria's best Nicol Ruprecht, only to -0.65 points past the aspired finals.
Therefore the ninth place of the German group in the all-around and seventh-place and the 7th place in the clubs final earned high recognition and means more than the safe qualification in the upcoming Worlds at homeStuttgart 201 ...

Gold Medal in All-around: BULGARIAN Group, with Renata KAMBEROVA, Mihaela MAEVSKA-VELICHKOVA, Tsvetelina NAYDENOVA, Tsvetelina STOYANOVA and Hristiana TODOROVA.

* WCh 2014 - R E S U L T S
    Friday, Sep 26 - LIVE-Results:
FINAL All-around/Mehrkampf (intermediate results after group B)
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FINAL Hoop/Reifen
> Quali. Hoop / Reifen

FINAL  B a l l
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FINAL Clubs / Keulen
     > Qual. Clubs/Keulen;

FINAL Ribbon / Band
    > Qual. Ribbon/Band  

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* Notes ... in our own right:
Unfortunately, we have yet again failed - not even from among our long time partners - to win as event sponsor for this highlight of rhythmic gymnastics.
Thus we will publish only after the qualifying days, from Thursday, September 25 on, short daily summaries.

- the Editors