19. May 2019  
Baku, AZE  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

35th Europeans of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS 2019

The capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku, will host joint European Championships in two different gymnastics disciplines in May 2019 for the first time. Thus, this year the organization of the Continental Championships in RHYTHMIC but also in AEROBIC GYMNASTICS has been entrusted to Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation. The first one to be held at Milli Gimnastika Arenasi (National Gymnastics Arena) on May 16-19 will be the 35th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships organized in Baku for the fourth time (2007, 2009, 2014 & now 2019). In the course of the 4-day Championships, senior gymnasts in individual program and junior gymnasts within group exercises will perform accordingly. 35 European federations are travelling to Azerbaijan to challenge for the continental titles. A total of 196 gymnasts are scheduled to compete: 81 senior individuals and 115 gymnasts form junior groups.
On Sunday, May 19 took place the 4 individual apparatus finals and also the two junior groups finals ...:

JUNIORS, Groups:
The first day (May 16) of the events will be commenced by the performances of junior teams representing 20 different countries in group exercises.
Participants Juniors, Groups, All
Russia's junior group is on top of the 5 hoops ranking list, leding with 23.700, followed by Belarus (23.100) and Italy (23,050)
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and on Saturday (May 18) Russian girls lead again with the 5 ribbons exercise, in front of Israel and Belarus ...:
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Junior Groups All-around
1. RUSSIA    - 44,925
2. BELARUS - 42,050
3. ITALY       - 41,450

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Juniors Groups FINALS:
* Final 5 Hoops    1. RUS;  2. UKR;  3. BLR
* Final 5 Ribbons:  1. RUS;  2. ISR;  3. BLR

On the 3rd day (May 18) of the Championships, the names of the winners in team competitions (based on total scores of senior individual and junior group gymnasts):

TEAM Ranking:
1. RUSSIA     - 216,225
2. BELARUS  - 206,000
3. BULGARIA - 202,075

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