29. November 2020  
Kiev, UKR  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

36th ECh Rhythmic Gymnastics 2020

ECh Individual all-around

The battle for gold displayed between Israel’s Linoy ASHRAM and Belarussian Alina HARNASKO kept fans around the world on the edge of their seat. With just 0.050 separating them going into the final rotation, Alina Harnasko went for broke with clubs, posting a 26.550, the highest score of the final, for a total of 100.900. All eyes were on Linoy Ashram as she performed a fantastic hoop routine to score … 26.500, equalling Harnasko’s total score. As the tie breaking rules state, first the total execution score is compared. In this case, both gymnasts had the same execution score over all 4 apparatus. Then, the technical deductions were taken into account, moving Ashram into the lead ahead of Harnasko.

** J U N I O R S:

* Apparatus Finals:
- ROPE:     1. AGISHEVA, Dina        (BUL) - 21,550
- BALL:      1. KARIKA, Polina        (UKR)  - 22,800
- CLUBS:   1. ATAMANOV, Daria      (ISR)  - 24,350
- RIBBON:  1. NIKOLOVA, Stiliana  (BUL)  - 21,550
     Detailed Final Juniors Results