19. March 2023  
Palaio Faliro, GRE  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

FIG World Cup Circuit Rhythmic Gymnastics 2023

The 2023 FIG World Cup series also consists of four events in rhythmic gymnastics:
Beginning March 17-19 in Faliro, Greece, near Athens, followed directly by the World Cup in Sofia on March 31 and WC No. 3 in Tashkent beginning April 14.
A fourth World Cup is scheduled for July 21 in Milan (ITA). In between there is - shortly before the European Championships in Baku - the World Challenge Cup in Portimao at the beginning of May (from 5. 05.) - and then another World Challenge Cup from 14. July in Cluij-Napoca, Romania ...:

* 17. - 19. March 2023:
(1) World Cup - Faliro / Athen

For many gymnasts, this RG World Cup opener of the pre-Olympic year means a first, high-level international comparison before two more WC opportunities and the European Championships to be held in Baku in May. Many individual gymnasts as well as group formations will want to take advantage of this test ...:
* For Germany, Vice World Champion Darja Varfolomeev and Margarita Kolosov will compete, as well as the German group with Anja Kosan, Daniella Kromm, Francine Schoening, Alina Oganesjan and Hannah Vester.

WC Summary  - (17. - 19. 03. 2023)

* QUALIFICATION -: Also after day 2 of the qualification, Italy's 5-time World Champion of last year, Sofia Raffaeli (ITA; 131.750), is leading in the all-around, ahead of Bulgaria's Stiliana Nikolova (World Championship all-around bronze 2022; 129.550) and 2-time European all-around runner-up (2021/22), Borjana Kaleyn with 127.550 points.
** FINALS -: Italy's World Champion Sofia Raffaeli had won gold with the hoop and behind the Bulgarian Stiliana Nikolova silver with the ball. But with the ribbon as well she was not yet in competition form, finished fifth, rank 8 here for Kolosov from Germany
Germany's national vice-champion Margarita Kolosov (Potsdam) improved after rank 9 to rank 6 in the all-around, but missed the first two apparatus finals with -0.1 (9th) with the hoop and with -0.8 (10th) with the ball. With the clubs, however, she was second best behind Raffaeli and took the chance to win in the final, as Raffaeli fluffed and dropped back to 5th place - after hoop and ball last year, her third World Cup success for the Potsdam gymnast, this time with the clubs! Gold medalist with the ribbon was Ekaterina Vedeneeva from Slovenia.

* GROUPS -: Israel (5 hoops) and Italy won the group finals, the German group finished fifth with 5 hoops.

FINAL RESULTS, (Sunday 19. March)

Individual – HOOP         Individual – BALL
Individual – CLUBS       Individual - Ribbon


* Qualification: (Fr./Sa 17/18. March)
Individual – All-Around  Final
Individual – Clubs & Ribbon Qualifiers

Groups –  All-Around Final
Groups – 3 Ribbons + 2 Balls Qualifiers