06. May 2023  
Portimão, POR  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

FIG World Cup Circuit Rhythmic Gymnastics 2023

The 2023 FIG World Cup series also consists of five events in rhythmic gymnastics:
Starting in mid-March in Faliro, Greece, near Athens - among others with a surprise victory for Germany - followed directly at the end of March with a quadruple success of the local hero Stiliana NIKOLOVA and then the World Cup No. 3 in Tashkent / Uzbekistan (14 - 16 April) with four final victories of the Italian Sofia RAFFAELI.
Just one week later followed event no. 4 is scheduled in Baku, where the European Championships will also take place from 5 May. Shortly before the European Championships in Baku - there takes place the first World Challenge Cup in Portimao (from 5 May to May 7).
Another World Cup is scheduled for 21 July in Milan (ITA) and before another World Challenge Cup from 14 July in Cluij-Napoca, Romania ...:

→... c u r r e n t  World Cup

* 05. -07. May 2023:  World Challenge Cup
                              30. International Tournament Portimão / POR

Shortly before the 39th European Championships in mid-May in Baku / AZE (17th - 21st), this World Challenge Cup is also welcome test before the upcoming highlight, which Germany's national champion Margarita Kolosov and world champion Darja Varfolomeev also want to use.
The latter has good memories of her two apparatus victories last year.

<< Individual All-around

1. Varfolomeev, Darja  (GER) - 125,200;

2. Griskenas, Evita        (USA) - 121,950;

3. Yertaikyzy, Aibota      (KAZ) - 118,400.
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Thirteen groups started in Portugal, with the strong Italian team along with Spain and Azerbaijan being the favorites beforehand. France, Japan, Brazil and Mexico are among them and also the German group with Anja Kosan (SC Siementsstadt), Daniella Kromm, Alina Oganesyan (both TSV Schmiden), Francine Schoening (Berliner TSC) and Hannah Vester (TB 1889 Oppau) wants to continue the positive trend since the World Cup in Tashkent (UZB) in mid-April.

* GROUPS, All-around:
1.  ESP - 64,500; 
2.  ITA - 64,350;  
3. AZE - 61,000 ...
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* ... we summarise the results after the last apparatus final on Sunday.

* 21. - 23.  April 2023  (4) World Cup -   Baku / Azerbaijan

From 21 to 23 April, the world's best rhythmic gymnasts will meet for the 4th FIG World Cup 2023, which Azerbaijan is hosting for the 7th time!
(Besides these 7 WC events, Baku also hosted the RG World Championships in 2005 and 2019!
According to the registration list, athletes from 40 countries are currently expected to compete in the individual programme and in the group exercises of the gymnastics disciplines. During the three-day competition, gymnasts will compete in the all-around and apparatus gymnastics finals.
Traditionally, the AGF Trophy Cup of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation will be awarded to the gymnast and team that received the highest execution score from the judges in the WC group exercises.
* The competitions start daily at 12:00 local time.
* Status of Participants  (*Update 12. Apr)

WC R e s u l t s  (23-Apr-2023)
* INDIVIDUAL, Apparatus Finals
As expected, the Bulgarian all-around winner Stiliana NIKOLOVA, who is in good form, prevailed with three of the four apparatuses.
Unexpectedly, however, both Nikolova and her Italian competitor Sofia Raffaeli flopped with the ball.
Not only by this chance, but also with the highest E score and the second highest difficulty score, Germany's World Champion Darja VARFOLOMEEV deservedly took the World Cup victory with the ball, ahead of Eva BREZALIEVA from Bulgaria, who already won bronze with the hoop and silver with the ribbon.
Varfolomeev was also on the podium with the clubs, winning bronze behind Nikolova and Viktoria Onoprienko from Ukraine.
Detailed Final results

* (FIG) - VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from Baku ...:

* Individual all-around (= Qualification):
Bulgaria's Stiliana NIKOLOVA won the all-around with a clear lead over her closest rival Sofia RAFFAELI with 133.80 : 129.70 points.
Behind the second Bulgarian Eva BREZALIEVA (126.300) Germany's Darja VARFOLOMEEV finished fourth (124.900) after mistakes in the ribbon routine and qualified for three World Cup finals. The second German gymnast Melanie Dargel finished 16th in a field of 55 with 117.300.
Detailed AA-results  ► QApp. qualification
   + + +

Twice the order in the finals was ISRAEL before CHINA. With the 5 clubs the girls of Ukraine were in third place, in the combined routine the hosts Azerbaijan won the bronze medal.
Detailed Final results

* Groups All-around (=Qualification)
Again CHINA won the group all-around, defeating ISRAEL with 70.500 : 67.500.
Bronze went to Azerbaijan (65.750). 14 groups (without Germany) were at the start.
Groups All-around
  + + +

→...last RG World Cup

* 14. - 16.  April 2023
(3) World Cup - Taschkent / Usbekistan

In the all-around, Italy's Sofia RAFFAELI took a commanding lead with best scores on all four apparatus and 131.850 points.
Takhmina IKROMOVA (Uzbekistan) was second with 126.250 points, followed by Margarita KOLOSOV from Potsdam / Germany (125.10 points).
Behind Ekaterina Vedeyeva (SLO) on rank 4, Darya Varfolomeev (GER) was fifth (120.300), who had her weakest routines with ball and clubs.
Detailed Results
Italy's Sofia RAFFAELI won all four apparatus finals. Darja VARFOLOMEEV (GER) took silver with clubs and ribbon and Margarita KOLOSOV won silver with ball and bronze with ribbon.
In the group competition, a strong formation from CHINA took the lead in the all-around (63.500), followed by Germany and Uzbekistan in the starting field of a total of 10 national groups ... Detailed Results
In the group final with 5 hoops the order was 1. CHN, 2. KAZ, 3. UZB.
Also in the combined exercise CHINA dominated ahead of Germany and Kazakhstan.
* SORRY, but detailed results were unfortunately not available on the day of the event!
+ + +

* 2023  March 31 - April  02
(2) World Cup - Sofia  /  Bulgaria

* 53 gymnasts from 23 nations will compete in the individual competition in the Bulgarian capital from Friday (qualifications).
Among them will be Italy's 5-time World Champion Sofia Raffaeli, whose toughest opponent will be Bulgaria's Stiliana Nikolova, as she was at the last World Cup a fortnight ago.
Germany is represented by Melanie Dargel (now TSV Schmiden, coached by Yuliya Raskina), who is from Worms and has been German runner-up several times, and by World Cup debutant Anna-Maria Shatokhin (TSV Schmiden, coached by Elena Khardartseva).
Austria will be represented by last year's junior national champion from Korneuburg, Julia Neumann, who is also making her debut at the elite level this year.

* Friday, March 31: 

After qualification day 1 in the Sofia Arena of the Burgarian capital, local hero Stiliana NIKOLOVA from Bulgaria leads after hoop and ball by half a point ahead of her closest rival, Sofia Raffaeli ...
In the meantime, Takhmina Ikromova from Uzbekistan is third.
Adi Asya Katz from Israel ranks on fourth place,
followed by Ekaterina Vedeneeva from Slovenia ...

>> Intermediate Results after 2 Apparatus

... follow the    current WC Results

* * There are 14 nations competing in the group competition,
     who will compete in the all-around in two groups for the purpose of qualifying for the two finals:
* Group A:  ISR, JPN, FIN, BUL, UKR, FRA, ITA;
On day 1 of the qualifying competition, Italy leads the all-around competition of the groups with 5 hoops, ahead of France and Bulgaria.
The German group, in 9th place, missed out on the final by just one point.
 ► Group results: 5 Hoops

We will summarise the results at the end of the competition days!
 - the editors



* 17. - 19. March 2023:
(1) World Cup - Faliro / Athen

For many gymnasts, this RG World Cup opener of the pre-Olympic year means a first, high-level international comparison before two more WC opportunities and the European Championships to be held in Baku in May. Many individual gymnasts as well as group formations will want to take advantage of this test ...:
* For Germany, Vice World Champion Darja Varfolomeev and Margarita Kolosov will compete, as well as the German group with Anja Kosan, Daniella Kromm, Francine Schoening, Alina Oganesjan and Hannah Vester.

WC Summary  - (17. - 19. 03. 2023)

* QUALIFICATION -: Also after day 2 of the qualification, Italy's 5-time World Champion of last year, Sofia Raffaeli (ITA; 131.750), is leading in the all-around, ahead of Bulgaria's Stiliana Nikolova (World Championship all-around bronze 2022; 129.550) and 2-time European all-around runner-up (2021/22), Borjana Kaleyn with 127.550 points.
** FINALS -: Italy's World Champion Sofia Raffaeli had won gold with the hoop and behind the Bulgarian Stiliana Nikolova silver with the ball. But with the ribbon as well she was not yet in competition form, finished fifth, rank 8 here for Kolosov from Germany
Germany's national vice-champion Margarita Kolosov (Potsdam) improved after rank 9 to rank 6 in the all-around, but missed the first two apparatus finals with -0.1 (9th) with the hoop and with -0.8 (10th) with the ball. With the clubs, however, she was second best behind Raffaeli and took the chance to win in the final, as Raffaeli fluffed and dropped back to 5th place - after hoop and ball last year, her third World Cup success for the Potsdam gymnast, this time with the clubs! Gold medalist with the ribbon was Ekaterina Vedeneeva from Slovenia.

* GROUPS -: Israel (5 hoops) and Italy won the group finals, the German group finished fifth with 5 hoops.

FINAL RESULTS, (Sunday 19. March)

Individual – HOOP         Individual – BALL
Individual – CLUBS       Individual - Ribbon


* Qualification: (Fr./Sa 17/18. March)
Individual – All-Around  Final
Individual – Clubs & Ribbon Qualifiers

Groups –  All-Around Final
Groups – 3 Ribbons + 2 Balls Qualifiers