02. January 2024  
Biel, SUI  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Gymnastics coach Marhya Balado says goodbye after guest role at RLZ Biel

The gymnasts of the RLZ Biel - one of the largest Swiss performance centres for rhythmic gymnastics - recently delighted the audience as well as all sympathisers and supporters of this aesthetic sport with a successful Christmas show in a festive and festive setting.
It was all the more difficult for the athletes to say goodbye to the much-loved Spanish coach and expert Marhya Balado, who had enriched the work at the RLZ enormously with her skills and expertise following the dismissal of two coaches during a transitional period! "The tears of farewell shed by numerous gymnasts reflected the deep bond and gratitude. This internationally respected expert and judge will be remembered fondly by all" - commented the Swiss press.

Elisabeth Gehrig-Bossi (SUI)