19. June 2022
Tel Aviv, ISR
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Almost a year after Linoy ASHRAM's sensational Olympic victory in Tokyo and despite the end of her career, the fire of enthusiasm for the stars of rhythmic gymnastics in Israel is still burning. This also motivated the organizers of the 38th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS of this most aesthetic of all women's disciplines, which will take place from June 15 to 19, 2022 in Tel Aviv and thus for the first time in...

5. June 2022
Pesaro, ITA
Rhythmic Gymnastics

As in artistic gymnastics, the world gymnastics association FIG has announced 10 world cups in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the post-Olympic year 2022:
The first five are defined by the FIG as WORLD CUPS. The FIG designates a further five following as World Challenge Cups. (Unfortunately, any differences are hardly comprehensible for the understanding of the public.).
   The No. 4 of this WC circuit one week after Easter took place in the capitel of Azerbaijan,...

14. April 2022
Lausanne, SUI
Rhythmic Gymnastics

f i g --: The Olympic qualification systems for RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS, ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS and TRAMPOLINE GYMNASTICS for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have now been published following approval by the Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) earlier this month:
A total of 318 athletes (192 in artistic gymnastics, 94 in gymnastics and 32 in trampoline) will compete for the medals in the French capital. With the qualification process set to begin in the coming months, the FIG...

25. March 2022
Marbella, ESP
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The 2022 GRAND PRIX MARBELLA of Rhythmic Gymnastics will take place on March 26 - 27 as always at the "Elena Benitez" Sports Palace in San Pedro Alcántara in Marbella.
This traditional event is organized by the Andalusian Gymnastics Federation.
Along with the Grand Prix event, 3 tournaments are held:
- The International Junior Tournament “Andalusia Cup”, and
- the National Team Tournament "Marbella Cup" in a unique setting that cannot be enjoyed regularly. It...

1. November 2021
Kitakyushu, JPN
Rhythmic Gymnastics

On the sidelines of the 38th World Gymnastics World Championships in Kutakyushu, the 25-year-old Siyana VASILIEVA was elected as the successor to Liubou Charkashyna (BLR), who had been the athlete's representative of the World Gymnastics Federation for Rhythmic Gymnastics since 2013.
The former captain of the Azerbaijani group, who took part in five world championships until 2018 and also the 2012 Olympic Games in London, is also following professionally as a trainer in the footsteps of...