28. April 2019  
Baku, AZE  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Four World Cups in three weeks!

April: Month of the World Cups

On the first weekend of April, the World Gymnastics Federation FIG launched a four-time World Cup circuit of Rhythmic Gymnastics, from within just three weeks (!), starting in Pesaro (ITA). After Pesaro followed week by week the events in Sofia, and at Easter in Tashkent (UZB) and only one week later in Baku (AZE) at the end of April!
Already in mid-May the European Championships will take place in Baku - in between there is still the Challenge Cup in Guadalajara - what a lush program ...!

* ... last WC event!

♦♦ 4th RG WORLD CUP 2019, "AGF Trophy"
      (Baku / AZE; April 26 - 28)

Baku in this year also the host ciy of the Europeans in mid-May but also host of the 37th World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics (Sep 2019) will host now before also the FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics for the 7th time on April 26-28, which will bring together more than 200 athletes from 43 different countries. This tournament featured 25 group teams, whil 70 gymnasts performed in the individual program. The best 8 gymnasts and 8 teams in group exercises competed for the first place in the finals to be held on the last day of the events. The gymnast and team who score highest performance points awarded the traditional AGF Trophy.

* Dina AVERINA: 22.500 points, Clubs exercise ...:

  * Indiv. All-around:
1. AVERINA, Dina            (RUS) - 85,600
2. AVERINA, Arina           (RUS) - 79,850
3. NIKOLCHENKO, Vlada (UKR) - 78,900

Detailed AA results;   ►► Ind. Finals, all

* Groups, All-around:
1. JPN - 49,250
2. RUS - 48,950
3. BUL - 48,850

  Detailed AA results
  ► Groups Finals (5 Balls; Groups - combinesd exerc.)

♦♦ 3rd RG WORLD CUP 2019, Tashkent
      (UZB; April 19 - 21)

With a total of 7 wins from the 8 decisions, Russia once again underlined its dominant role in rhythmic gymnastics:
Alone Alexandra SOLDATOVA also won three of the four handsets after the all-around competition in Tashkent, but also the decision with the ribbon fells to a Russian gymnast with Anastasia GUZENKOVA.

* Best Gymnast of WC Tashkent - Aleksandra SOLDATOVA (Hoop):

* The Russian group won as the winner in the all-around success in the combined group exercise (4 clubs, 3 hoops), in front of Ukraine and Israel.
The final of the 5 balls exercises won Ukraine ahead of Israel and Russia.

Indiv. All-around;       App. Finals
Groups, All-around Groups Finals 5 Balls / 3 Hoops/4 Clubs
.* Many thanks to the Uzbekian organizers!


♦♦ 2nd RG WORLD CUP 2019, Sofia
      (BUL; April 12 - 14)

The venue of the last World Championships 2018, the Bulgarian capital Sofia, received in mid-April 2019 also the world's best gymnasts to Pesaro now for the second World Cup competition of the pre-Olympic season and 66 graces followed this invitation of FIG.
Germany did not participate in the individual competition and joined 14 other national teams in the group competition.
♦ Russia's Alexandra SOLDATOVA (82,450 points) won the single all-out, which was also unbeatable in the band's final. However, Linoy ASHRAM (80,450) from Israel became the most successful gymnast, as she won the ball and clubs on the final day. Bulgaria's all-around third Katrin TASEVA secured three silver medals on the final day. Russia's second representative, Ekaterina SELEZNEVA - only in 9th place in the all-around - triumphs as the best with the ball.
♦ Girls from BULGARIA (49,350) won the group competition ahead of ITALY (48,200) and JAPAN (46,600). The German group was ranked 9th out of 15 (35,700).
♦ The final group decision "5 balls" fell in favor of BELARUS in front of Japan and Russia. The combination exercise ("3 hoops / 4 clubs") was won by the UKRAINE, followed by Bulgaria and Japan. Germany's girls succeeded here with 6th place a respectable success.
In the month of April it continues in quick succession: It continues, still in the weekly rhythm, now World Cup 3 and 4, in Tashkent and Baku ...
Individual All-around Apparatus Finals
Groups, All-around;   Groups Finals

♦♦ 1st RG WORLD CUP 2019, Pesaro
       (ITA; April 05 - 07)

As expected, the Russian AVERINA sisters, Dina, in front of Arina, marked the highest points in the all-around competition: 85.750 and 83.750, well ahead of "the rest" of the world's rivals. Next came Bulgaria's Boryana KALEYN (80,400), who was rewarded with third place. Austria's Nicol Ruprecht finished 23rd (70,550) in a quantitatively remarkable field of over 70 gymnasts.
* Final gold was shared sisterly by the Averina twins: Arina won hoops and ball, Dina won with clubs and ribbon, both of course unchallenged.
* RUSSIA won the group all-in-one of the 18 National Forms ahead of Bulgaria and Italy, but in the finals ITALY (5 balls) prevailed ahead of Russia and Japan in the combined action (3 hoopes / 4 clubs) BULGARIA ahead of Ukraine and Israel.



Individ. All-around;    App. Finals
Groups, All-around Groups Finals.