01. November 2021  
Kitakyushu, JPN  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Siyana Vasileva elected FIG Athletes Representive in Rhythmic Gymnastics

On the sidelines of the 38th World Gymnastics World Championships in Kutakyushu, the 25-year-old Siyana VASILIEVA was elected as the successor to Liubou Charkashyna (BLR), who had been the athlete's representative of the World Gymnastics Federation for Rhythmic Gymnastics since 2013.
The former captain of the Azerbaijani group, who took part in five world championships until 2018 and also the 2012 Olympic Games in London, is also following professionally as a trainer in the footsteps of her mother Mariana, who is the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team. In the second ballot she prevailed among six candidates with 22:12 votes against her challenger Nicol Ruprecht from Austria.
Siyna Vasileva will take up office in January 2022, will sit on the FIG Athletes’ Commission and will take part in the discipline’s Technical Committee meetings, making sure the athletes’ voices are heard and their opinions taken into account.
* SOURCE: fig-News
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