03. May 2015  
Minsk, BLR  
Rhythmic Gymnastics

31st Europeans of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2015

Once again the worldwide best gymnast, Russia's Yana KUDRYAVTSEVA was also the best athlete of the 31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2015, which finished now in Minsk, Belarus. Kudryavtseva won three of four apparatus finals. Only the gold medal with hoop went to her Russian compatriot, Margarita MAMUN. After winning also the Team title on Friday  RUSSIA was the most successful nation again. 
Host nation BELARUS was happy about the Juniors group title with 5 balls, beating Russia and Bulgaria at the European Junior Championships ...

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♦♦​  B A L L 
 1. KUDRYAVTSEVA, Yana  (RUS)  - 19,066
 2. MAMUN, Margarita        (RUS)  - 18,950
 3. STANIOUTA, Melitina     (BLR)  - 18,466
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♦♦​  R I B B O N
 1. KUDRYAVTSEWA, Yana (RUS)  - 18,900
 2. STANIOUTA, Melitina     (BLR)  - 18,133
 3. DURUNDA, Marina        (AZE)  - 18,000
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* FRIDAY, May 1 / SATURDAY May 2
(UEG reports)
The senior gymnasts competed on Friday with hoop and ball, and on Saturday with clubs and ribbon. They hoped to make the top 8 on each apparatus to advance to Sunday’s finals. The country with the best combined scores would take the team title.

The Russians dominated from the moment they stepped onto the carpet.
First Alexandra Soldatova took the lead with the hoop (18.325), teammate Margarita Mamun shortly after taking over, scoring a massive 19.000. Only Belarus’s Melitina Staniouta squeezed between the two. With all other apparatus Russia took first and second place. With the ball, Mamun performed dramatically, spinning beautifully and scoring 18.833 to take the lead. European and World Champion dropped the ball but her elegant and difficult routine scored 18.583, good enough for second place. She made up for that mistake with clubs and ribbon, taking to top spot ahead of teammates Soldatova and Mamun respectively. Ganna Rizatdinova (UKR) performed wonderfully with clubs and ribbon, to take third place on these events. Staniouta (BLR) was third with the ball.

Georgia’s Salome Pazhava competed in group B, doing an amazing and consistent job. Because of this she qualified for all event finals, as did Ukraine’s Rizatdinova and the Belarussian stars Halkina and Staniouta. Great competition also for the Israeli girls, reaching 4 finals (2 for Rivkin and 2 for Veinberg).
Marina Durunda (AZE) made up for mistakes on Friday by reaching ribbon final in fourth and clubs final in fifth place. France’s Ksenia Moustafaeva managed to climb out of group C to reach hoop and ribbon final.

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 ♦ European Junior (Groups) Championships

* Group Final (Sunday, May 3)
At the last day of these Europeans host Belarus was very happy about the junior group title withe the junior group, beating the leading Sussians after the preliminary and winning the golden medal in front of Russia and Bulgaria:
1. BELARUS  -   16,733
2. RUSSIA       - 16,600
3. BULGARIA  - 16,166

4. Azerbaijan   - 15,900
5. Italy             - 15,766
   Germany     - 15,766
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* Juniors, Group Qualification
A record-breaking 25 National Federations send a junior group to Minsk. The girls presented their balls routine on Friday and Saturday, aiming to make the top 8 and tomorrow’s final

Russia topped the field both in difficulty and execution, scoring 16.616 on Friday and 16.650 on Saturday to take the first gold medal and to qualify in first place to the final.  To the delight of the crowd the young Belarussians improved their score from Friday (16.133) with almost half a point (16.600) to lift from third to second place. Israel was consistently good (16.266 and 16.100) to reach the third place. 

Azerbaijan’s ’Smooth Criminal’ routine really got the crowd going. Their score also improved on day 2, ending in fourth place. Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Switzerland complete the top 8.

The top 3 teams during qualification are awarded a medal today. The top 8 teams have another chance to get on the podium on Sunday at 11am local time.

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Charkashina, two titles 2011 for host Belarus

Minsk Arena

A pedestrian subway leads from the competition hall to the skating stadium which is being transformed into a training hall. The ice will be replaced by 7 warm-up carpets. A very pleasant feature of these Championships is that the sports arena and the delegations’ accommodation are located within only a 5 to 10 minutes’ walk.