10. November 2013  
Sofia, Bulgaria  

29th TRAMPOLINE WORLDS* At last Rosie Mac Lennan triumphed over the Chineses!

The first decision of these 29thTrampolin World Championships in Sofia fell on Friday evening already :
The first title went to the men's trampoline team of China, which succeeded against Russia. This dominant leadership trio put between himself and the bronze medallist (Australia ) the difference of 44 (!) points. And at last on Sunday Canada's Olympic Champion Rosannagh MACLENNAN triumphed again over the Chinese duo ZHONG, Xingping and LI, Dan, winning silver and Bronze.
In the women's team category favorite Chinese women failed to itself: Gold won here in the UK in front of Canada and Belarus.
The first two gold medals went to the men's and women's double mini tramp team of the USA. Canada won silver again behind twice and then cheered the British women about their second title in the women's synchronized competition, got themselves Katherine Driscoll and Amanda Parker beating China and the Ukraine and on men's side the Japanese Maribu YAMAGUCHI & Yasuhiro UEYAMA won the gold at the final day 2.
Highlight of the final day 1 was the men's final in the Olympic pinnacle on the trampoline : Here sat down again Olympic champion  DONG Dong in front of his Chinese compatriot TU Xiao. As a representative of the younger generation, Sergei Azarian secured for Russia the bronze medal ...

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Japan remains the leading power in synchronous double play on the trampoline. Won gold at the last day of Marabo YAMAGUCHI & Yasuhiro UEMURA, who laid proud +1.2 points difference between them and the all the others concurrents with total 49.200 points.
Silver went to RUSSIA II, with Mikhail MELNIK / Sergei AZARYAN, and Denmark won bronze duo Peter JENSEN / Christian ANDERSEN, clearly deposed from the rest of the final field. Belarus, China, and Australia came to no happy end to their programs ..
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It resembled a small sensation, but highly motivated Katherine RISCOLL & Amanda PARKER from the British gold team, beat  the Chinese duo in the final: No chance for ZHONG, Xingping & LI Dan with a -  0.3 points lower of difficulty not  and also the significantly higher flight times with 47,500: 47,100 total points at the end only the silver medal!
Bronze won surprisingly UKRAINE 2 with Diana KUUTCHNIK / Natalia MOSKVINA (46,700 points).
The Canadianco-favorite duo Rosannagh MacLannan with her new partner Samantha Sendel failed after an early termination and came on eighth place only ....
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* FINAL - Trampoline-Team Competition (Friday, Nov 08)
The first decision of this Worlds in the category trampoline teams of the best five nations of men resp. womenn went on men's side to the highly favored Chinese, which clearly prevailed against Russia. This duo parted already lifted to bronze medallist with the gigantic difference of over 44 points ...:
1. CHINA          - 177,545
2. RUSSIA        - 171,180
3. AUSTRALIA - 126,390

4. JAPAN         - 125,245
5. PORTUGAL  - 78,820
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The TRA Nations Final won the British Team, followed by the women's team of Canada and Team Belarus.
After Ukraine China came on fifth, only!
1. GREAT BRITAIN - 164,845
2. CANADA - 159,995
3. BELARUS - 158,450

4. UKRAINE - 131,430
5. CHINA - 113,520
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* TUM - MEN's INDIVIDUAL FINAL  (So, 10.11.)
1. WILLERTON, Kristof (GBR)  - 74,900
2. MURTAZAEV, Tagir   (RUS)  - 74,800
3. NOSKOV, Grigori     (RUS)   - 74,200

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* MEN's TEAM FINAL  (Saturday, Nov 09)
1. RUSSIA  - 110,70
   (Tagir Murtazaiev; Alexander Bezulev; Grigori Noskov)
2. CHINA  - 109,900
(Liu, Longji; Yang, Song; Zhang, Luo)
3. GREAT BRITAIN  - 106,400
(Daniel Lannigan; Greg Townley; Kristof Willerton)

4. KAZAKHSTAN - 104,300
5. U S A                - 102,300
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1.  JIA, Fangfang       (CHN)  - 70,700
2.  COLEBECK, Lucie (GBR)  - 67,400
3.  CHEN, Lingxi        (CHN)  - 67,000
     Final results

1. CHINA                 - 104,400
   (Jia Fangfang; Chen, Lingxi; Cai, Qizi)
2. RUSSIA                 - 99,600
   (Victoria Danilenko; Ekaterina Gaas; Anastasia Iusupova)
3. GREAT BRITAIN  - 98,000
   ( Yasmin Taite; Rachael Letsche; Lucie Coleback)
4. UKRAINE  - 92,900
5. CANADA   - 91,500
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